Herr Biden’s September 1st Speech

I had a very clear interpretation of what Biden’s September 1st “anti-MAGA” speech was. It was a clarifying moment for me. But, more on that a little later in this post. For now…let me share a couple things with you. First, I waited till today to share my thoughts and opinions because I wanted to give myself time to internalize what I saw and what I feel.

I didn’t want to do a kneejerk thing like so many others have done, and there was research that had to happen. And I wanted to ensure that I was accurate and on point…because this was a pivotal moment in the history of the United States and any objective historical account will treat his speech as a defining event in the transformation of the United States of America.

A little background…

Political speeches are usually predictable, void of logic, and rather boring…but occasionally, albeit rarely, they are historic in nature. The best of political speeches are motivational. Martin Luther’s “I Have a Dreamspeech in 1963 is one of those remarkable historical events in my lifetime. King appealed to people’s emotion for a change of heart, change of mind, and a change in direction of not just America but the world. A soul stirring transformational moment in US history if there ever was one.

Then there is Winston Churchill’s 1940 speech to the British people as they were losing the war “…we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender…” That speech was part of turning the tide for the British and enabled their state of mind to carry on the struggle against Nazi Germany when all seemed lost.

Since politics is a business, the speaker must motivate people to do as the speaker wishes…even if it is against the listener’s morality. The primary method of doing so is called “pathos”…the Greek word for emotions. In other words, you bypass a person’s mind and appeal to a person’s emotions to do as the speaker wishes. The best politicians are masters at this…whether for good or evil.

Few can deny that Hitler was a motivational speaker…look what evil he managed to get Germans to do starting as early as 1920’s covering the next two decades. He was nearly as strong a force for evil as King and Churchill were for good.

There are two additional methods for speeches and to get people to do as speaker wishes; ethos and logos. Ethos is where the speaker has such a level of credibility and quality of character that merely the character/reputation of the person speaking is enough to motivate people into action. Jesus Christ would be the ultimate example of such a speaker. Logos is using logic as a motivational tool in speaking or writing to persuade people to think or act as desired. And yes…logic is usually the most boring and dull method of speech giving.

Now, for Biden and his “anti-MAGA” speech a few days ago…

I tuned in to watch Biden speak to America…I figured it would be entertaining at the very least. I was wrong, dead wrong. The dramatic setting, Hollywood style intro, and the production overall was so over the top I actually thought I was watching a dystopian movie. As quickly as that thought hit me, it was obvious that is not just a dystopian movie…but a post-apocalyptic movie based on 1984. And then it got worse…Biden opened his mouth over and over again.

The more Biden talked, or more accurately, the more Biden ranted, the scarier the speech got. I have watched a lot of historical Hitler speech films and reenactments…and Biden fit a mold that gave me chills to the center of my soul. The only thing I could think of…Biden was giving a speech to motivate a 2022 Kristallnacht (crystal night). But this one would be different than the November 9 – 10, 1938 horror filled night in Nazi Germany…this one Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunchwould be directed towards some of our own American citizens in the name of Biden’s democracy.

I never thought in my lifetime would I hear such utter evil come out of an American President’s mouth. The hate, the lies, the call to arms against fellow Americans…all for a political purpose. It was disgusting and as un-American as ever a speech was. Remember the last four words in the definition of fascism, “…forcible suppression of opposition.”

Let me pause for a moment and share full disclosure…I held my nose and voted for Trump twice. Yes, that means I voted for the lesser of two evils twice. And I apologize for that. I have spoken repeatedly of principles over politics and my voting in 2016 and again in 2020 shows my hypocrisy. But the associated self-loathing associated with those votes motivated me to since clarify my views on principles vs politics. I am no Trump lover, let alone a Trump worshiper, as so many people are these days. I objectively see the good he did (i.e. the economy) and the crap he did (i.e. CAF, deficit spending, and anti-2nd Amendment) and the junk he spewed (i.e. ”lock her up”). So this post is not some Biden hating…ra, ra pro-Trump diatribe.

Back to Herr Biden…

Let’s review the definition of fascism, “a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”

Biden’s speech was nothing more than an attempt to, through the use of force to, eliminate a large partisan opponent on the American political scene. The dramatic setting, the presence of the US military, the rhetoric, the vitriol, and the outright lies spewed were overwhelmingly horrific. But, for an America that has been dumbed down, reeducated, and coerced into believing the macabre…it was pretty effective…at least for the Democrats, leftists, Progressives, liberals, and many on the Republican side as well.

The melodramatic theatrical aspect of the speech was obvious and it is reported that Jon Meacham was the primary force behind it all. And if true, would make sense. Jon Meacham is a very radical, far left political operative disguised as a journalist and author. He has been aligned with radical leftist ideology for virtually his entire life. But worse than that…he is devoted to the authoritarian cause. He even wrote a book idolizing President Andrew Jackson…one of the darkest and most evil political powers to ever hold the office of President of the United States. One thing Jon Meacham knows how to do…he knows how to write well and put on a great show…and he did so for Biden.

Wrapped all together…Biden’s speech was nothing more than an attempt to crush the MAGA movement in the most dedicated fascist style because Biden believes in a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader and he sees himself as just that.

But a single speech does not make a country or leader qualify as fascist. So what does?

Here is a partial list of dates Biden endorsed a police state and fascism:

  • August 30th – called for unquestioned loyalty to the FBI and denigrated anyone who  questions a police state. He called on Congress to violate the 2nd Amendment. He sounded violent and deranged.
  • August 25th – called on Congress to violate the 2nd Amendment.
  • July 11 – called on Congress to violate the 2nd Amendment.
  • June 2nd – called on Congress to violate the 2nd Amendment. He declares that the 2nd Amendment isn’t even valid.
  • April 7th – called on Congress to violate the 2nd Amendment.
  • March 24th – called on Congress to violate the 2nd Amendment.
  • March 1st – called on Congress to violate the 2nd Amendment. He declares that the 2nd Amendment isn’t even valid.

And let’s not ignore:

  • September 1st – calls Republicans a “clear and present danger” to the US. Calls for violence against MAGA ideology and its followers.
  • August 30th – claims MAGA followers do not support the rule of law and labeled them fascists. He further claims that the MAGA organization threatens the lives of FBI personnel/employees. He expresses extremist support for a police state.
  • August 25th – calls MAGA movement extremists and semi-fascists.
  • May 4th – Calls MAGA followers extremists and the most extreme anti-American organization ever in the history of the USA.

And let’s remember that:

  • The Obama/Biden FBI injected actual, literal spies into the 2016 Trump campaign.
  • The Obama/Biden FBI & DOJ lied to a secret court regarding Trump.
  • The Obama/Biden FBI pursued and “leaked” the whole fake Russiagate scandal in coordination with the Clinton campaign.
  • Then it was the FBI that headed the coup against Trump.
  • Then the FBI suppressed the Biden investigation that almost certainly handed the 2020 election to Biden.
  • Lest we forget…the FBI’s relentless persecution of many of Trump’s former advisors and staff…beyond anything ever seen in the history of the US.

Notice a pattern here?

So you bring all of this together and it is a clear and obvious convergence of a political ideology and government actions that displays:

  • Extreme support for a strong central government.
  • Strong support for an autocratic government.
  • Attempts at extensive and severe economic regimentation.
  • A virtual unchecked power for the government to dictate social organization and control.

Now, add to all of that:

  • Biden’s calls for Congress to violate the 2nd Amendment and his exercising other unconstitutional powers where he has shown that he sees himself as having dictatorial power.
  • Then on September 1st calls a large portion of US voting citizens a “clear & present danger” to the country. That is a unambiguous call for the “forcible suppression of opposition.”

When you add the totality of Biden’s speeches over the last 6 months he is clearly and undeniably trying to demonize and suppress all actual political opposition from Trump, conservatives, and most Republicans. Then you add in the police state actions of the FBI, DOJ, ATF, and US Marshalls…well, that again pretty obviously points to “forcible suppression of opposition” while confirming the US federal government is an “autocratic government” in every way.

That means…we have a fascist government led by a fascist President. And that is proven by their actions and their own stated ideology. It is not opinion…it is fact reinforced by hard evidence.

Now, back to my impression of Herr Biden’s September 1st speech…when you combine the non-verbal message of the blood red background and the military lurking in the shadows…it reeks of something out of the book 1984. When I listened to Biden’s fiery fascist rhetoric it reminded me of Hitler’s speeches plain as day.

As I see it his speech was a transformational step encompassing all of the prior displays of fascist ideology with his blatant quest for more presidential power…and a more autocratic centralized US federal governmental exercising power and control. The US federal government, the President, the liberals/democrats/progressives/RINOs and many others no longer hide their fascism.

And Biden’s speech should scare the hell out of most people and be a major concern for all preppers, conservatives, libertarians, patriots, Constitutionalists, etc. The radical authoritarians have come out of the shadows, they are no longer masking their intentions, they are now on full display for who they are and what their intentions are.

I have been telling you for years that it was coming…well, it is now here!

And fascism is a subcategory of authoritarianism.

Some notes for any crazies reading this:

  • I am not a Republican, nor a Trump lover/supporter.
  • I believe in principles over politics.
  • I only politically support three things…the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the fundamental principles of our Founding Fathers.
  • I don’t look at politics as Republican vs Democrat or left vs right…there is only tyranny vs freedom.
  • I think Trump did some good stuff like the economy and energy independence.
  • I think Trump sucked on supporting the US Constitution via his opposition to due process and his anti-2nd Amendment actions. And his child-like rantings were unbecoming the office of President. And his obsession with demonizing the media was unhealthy and unwise for our country and the 1st Amendment.
  • I don’t think all Democrats are evil, I think the Democratic Party is evil and their ideology represents evil.
  • I believe that the Republicans are almost as guilty as the Democrats in our sad state of affairs in the US.
  • And finally, Joe Biden is mentally incompetent and is not running our country. He can’t tie his own shoes and takes directions from the Easter Bunny…so who is running the US?

I believe that list of notes should help all the crazies hate me even more…and maybe even pick up a few new crazies and haters.

But folks…you better figure out what you believe in, what your principles are, where your ethics stand, and what your commitment to the US Constitution (rights/freedoms/liberties) really is. Then compare that to how committed our Founding Fathers were…

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

Figure out who you are…do it quickly…the time is drawing shorter…much shorter. Once you have yourself figured out…PREPARE!! Do not delay.

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