Civil war, right-wing extremists, fascists, and riots…

  • So have you noticed how much the left-wing media has started talking about “civil war”?
  • Do you remember that just recently the FBI went full-on war against conservatives and patriots?
  • Why did a US Marshal SWAT team raid an Amish farm?
  • Did you hear that the media said Lindsey Graham called for riots?
  • Did you hear when Crazy Joe Biden called Republicans and their platform “semi-fascism”?

Yeah, me too. So what does it all mean?

To get the full picture you have to also see that the ATF is now going house-to-house for a variety of

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anti-Second Amendment reasons. Then here is the FBI & DOJ who have embarked on a committed program of demonizing anyone and everyone who is conservative, a patriot, a libertarian, or simply believes in the fundamental rights, liberties, and freedoms outlined in the Constitution. The FBI has even gone so far as to raid a former Presidents house! That has never, ever even been considered for any other former President even when the FBI and DOJ knew that there were significant national security crimes involved. And the list goes on and on with what federal government authorities have been doing. And it ties directly into the cooperation/coordination with the leftist media.

This is pretty important…before I go on let’s review “fascism” and what it actually means since Crazy Joe called half the country that. In the most unbiased and objective definition, fascism means “a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”

Yeah, forget all the bullshit definitions that include a reference to “right-wing” or “far right” because those terms, and others similar to them, are added via bias and to advance a specific political agenda of those adding those terms.

So what party does the term “fascism” sound like it applies to more…Republican or Democrat? Test it…does California (D) or Iowa (R) sound more fascist in terms of their state governments? Or, you can think about the former President’s FBI SWAT raid on his home and the large number of the former President’s staff and advisors that have been SWAT raided by the FBI over the last 1-1/2 years…yes? “…forcible suppression of opposition.”

Now to be fair, Republicans are almost as big of advocates of fascism as Democrats. A person only has to look at what the Republican elected officials have done over the last 130 years and it becomes clear that they are in on it. But, Democrats do win the title of “Most Fascist” in their beliefs, advocacy, and actions.

OK…let me get back on track here…Why the original questions and why did I ask you, “What does this all mean?”

In my opinion…Looking at the total picture and the accelerated pace that the federal law federal police militarized police police stateenforcement agencies are working against the 2nd Amendment and all things conservative, patriotic, and Constitutional…I see America’s situation getting to a very, very dangerous point for our country and for those of us that identify as patriot, libertarian, or conservative. Basically anyone who advocates for, believes in, or does any of the 188 signs that all federal law enforcement agencies, as well as the DOJ, point towards as signs of being a domestic terrorist. And they are now treating folks as such on a regular basis…and it will get worse.

I see a quickening pace of federal law enforcement going after folks, and I expect they will expand who they go after and do so with extreme actions to make very high-profile examples of the as a message to others. I expect to see these goons coming up with every possible excuse to invade people’s homes with and without search warrants. In any interaction or confrontation they will escalate the situation trying to provoke violent responses to further justify their actions, mainly the use of deadly force. I expect to see more and more absurd charges by these agencies to demonize whoever they wish to attack next. Messaging will become increasingly more important to the FBI than any alleged misdoings.

The media has been, but will increase its use of, radicalized reporting to show any conservative/patriot/libertarian in the worst possible light…especially when it comes to Second Amendment related issues. Additionally in these matters, the media will glorify DOJ and law enforcement actions with terms such a “protecting democracy”, “keeping us safe”, “providing security”, “acting without fear or favor”, etc. Of course, none of that will be true…the media is more about advancing their common agenda.

I also expect to see an increase in the “Bubba Effect” from those on the right, those who have become radicalized, and the mentally ill. Some individuals, and potentially groups, will respond to the increase in federal law enforcement activities with violence of their own. And that will further justify the intrusive and violent actions of law enforcement, especially federal law enforcement using justification terms such as “violent domestic terrorist”, “violent militia extremist”, “Christian Nationalist”, “White Nationalist”, etc.

I want you to understand something very plainly and clearly…this is not a gradual increase I am talking about. And this is not an incremental increase either. This is a significant increase by a full exponential factor! This is the next step in their agenda…and it is a deadly step.

I do not expect to see this major step come to full fruition until after the 2022 elections. Between now and the elections in November 2022 they will use some of this step’s tactics to sway public opinion in an effort to influence/control the election. Yes, just as the FBI did in 2020 when they influenced social media to the extent that Trump was declared the presidential election loser. Yes, just like the FBI/CIA/DOJ did in 2016 when they tried to throw the election to Clinton via the anti-Trump “Russia-gate” hoax.

Once the 2022 elections are complete…then Watch Out! I believe with a probability of 90% that this is when they will make their move to complete the transformation of America. And they will want it completed prior to the 2024 presidential election.

Now, two qualifications…1) should the Republicans win one or both houses of Congress then I see their plan could be thwarted a bit. No, not stopped, not at all. But, the Republicans may decide to pause the plan long enough for them to be the power force in the transformation vs the Democrats. 2) there could be an event that I will not discuss at this time that could forestall their plans.

So here is my bottom line to you…Do what you have to do to be prepared for this eventuality. Because it is coming and coming very soon. It has been building for 130 years but I believe we are at the final stage of their transformation plan. Nothing has stopped it yet…it has been successfully implemented so far by both party’s elected and unelected officials in Washington DC and in various state capitals around the country.

There is nothing that I see at this point that can or will stop it. You must be prepared for it! Your family, your neighborhood, your congregation, your community can be an oasis of Constitutional principles…but you have to prepare for that. Do so now.



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15 thoughts on “Civil war, right-wing extremists, fascists, and riots…

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    • Welcome alphaandomega21!!
      I used to travel to the UK a lot…like 10 times or so back a decade or two. Still have friends in Woodlands, not far from Manchester. Really enjoy(ed) my friends there…great friends!
      Thank you for your perspective. Comment often…please!

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  8. Typical of tyrants blame the target for what the tyrant is doing. I’ve commented many times in different places that if “they” want you “they” can get you. with the data stored at point of mountain between Salt Lake and Provo they have all the information they need to “get” anyone they want.

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  10. I’ve been beating this drum for at least 20 years, had eyes rolled, told I was over reacting, and viewed as a conspiracy theorist. In the past two or three years I have given up trying to help family and friends recognize the danger our country is in. Instead I am conserving my energy, directing it positively by stocking the pantry, purchasing generators for power, and now building my own off grid solar power system to provide refrigeration, communications, and provide enough entertainment to help maintain sanity for what I believe now is an inevitable change,,,, coming soon. Expanding our garden as well, and canning. Well,,,,, in the process the past year to revive what our parents and previous generations did.
    I truly appreciate all you have shared through the year’s. Stay well, and give guidance as you are able. We can use all the help we can get!

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      • I’m truly honored to have AH recognize my post! By working your magic maybe I will have had some small impact and be a catalyst for others to wake up and take action to be responsible for themselves and their families or friends. 🙏🏼🇺🇸

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