Critically Important SitRep – Part #2

Without reading Part #1 there isn’t much point in reading this post…Part #2.

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This is a multi-part article, carefully reading each part is the only way to completely understand the points that are critically important for you to know…and then to act on.

International Economic Warfare –

In this modern age warfare can take on many faces. It can be the more traditional face of tanks, missiles, soldiers, and fighter jets. For a couple of decades warfare could also mean fighting with trillions of 1’s and 0’s with computers as the artillery. There can also be propaganda wars and recently AI and DeepFake warfare. But a very damning and effective form of warfare can also be economic. A war can be won, an enemy defeated, with economics as well. President Reagan defeated the old Soviet Union back in his day through the sheer overwhelming use of economics…the power of the dollar…and massive federal spending.

Unfortunately, that same form of warfare can be used against the US as well…and it is being waged as we speak. And their intention, their goal, is nothing less than destroying the US as a super-power country. But, you know that, you see it, it comes as no surprise. What you may not see is how badly we are about to lose on the international stage.

At the center of this war against America is China. And the US is helping them in two ways…first, starting back in the 1990’s President Bill Clinton passed huge volumes of extremely high-tech information to the Chinese, including military technology secrets. The Chinese used that advanced technology to take a quantum leap forward in their military capability. Second, the Chinese integrated that technology, along with more Clinton betrayed manufacturing technology, into their already growing manufacturing and commercial technology sectors. The rest is history…we are now dependent on China for the vast majority of our retail goods and contract manufacturing.

And I am sure that you are aware that for over three decades the Communist Party of China has publicly stated in their military doctrine that the goal of their country, their entire national focus, was to replace the United States as the world’s super-power. And they have steadily made progress in accomplishing that goal, they are a mere single step away economically and/or militarily.

In 2008 China was handed a gift of incalculable value…the Biden Family. When Joe Biden became Vice-President, the Communist Party of China was able to buy direct access to anything and everything the USA had via the Obama White House. And it came to them at a fire-sale price. Joe Biden has been an employee of Chinese Communist Party for the better part now of two decades. Joe Biden has been the perfected example of a Manchurian Candidate.

And while all of that has been taking place China has been hard at work forming an economic coalition against the US. The list of allied countries now consists of: China, Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, North Korea, Iran, and now Saudi Arabia. India could also be loosely added to that list along with a couple others that have not come out publicly and strongly in the China sphere.

The goal of that alliance is simple…knock out the US from being the global economic and military super-power. And they are winning. Combined, those countries dwarf the US is virtually every global economic aspect…as well as, and this should scare the crap out of you, militarily. With a few strokes of a pen, or a couple of keyboard strokes, the combination of those countries could bring the US to its knees economically…or more accurately, to its monetary grave.

And don’t you find a few facts interesting –

  • Before Biden took office the US was energy independent, now we are not.
  • Before Biden took office the US strategic oil reserves could support a military conflict, now it cannot.
  • Before Biden took office there was no US inflation, now inflation is crippling US low and middle-income families.
  • Before Biden took office the petro-dollar (global reserve currency) was relatively stable, now it is entirely in jeopardy.
  • And on and on and on…

Now, do you doubt whose payroll Biden is on? If you are still in doubt…the Bank records have been released by China that shows millions of dollars having been paid to various member of the Biden family from th Chinese Communist Party.

It is clear, overnight the US could be destroyed economically by countries that have sworn to destroy our standing in the world. Although it would be ugly and globally destructive, those same countries could defeat us militarily should they choose to do so. And should they choose to turn America into a glassed-over parking lot…they have us out-gunned there as well. But, if Biden would have the will, he could return the favor.

The US government over the last three decades has handed our country over to the whims of the world…with China in charge. Thank you Joe Biden and all the other ruling elites!

Major Violence & Conflicts –

What I find interesting is this…the radical left-wing Socialist/Communist media (i.e. MSNBC, CNN, etc.) are all talking about the violence against transgender people and abortion clinics. They rant on and on about the danger and evil of the “right-wing”, the “radical Christians”, and the “Christian Nationalists” committing untold and numerous acts of violence against the mentally-ill “trans” cult. Some even call it transgender genocide. They talk about how transgenders and abortion clinics are being targeted by these “evil” crusaders. I even heard one call it a “raging nationwide crusade against transgender people.” You gotta be kidding me!!

If you look at the actual facts, the real evidence it is the radical left, LGBQ, and the transgenders that are the primary/main source of violence and other conflict. Not only are the transgenders killing adults…they are murdering children in cold blood. And on top of that you have the maniacal abortion performers killing babies by the hundreds of thousands each year. Then there are the so-called health professionals that are physically mutilating our children, some as young as 4 – 6 years old.

Then there are insane mental health providers so-called professionals, corrupting young children’s minds with transgender nonsense. They tell these biological male or female children that they can become a different gender and that it is normal to do so. That is utter nonsense, it is scientifically impossible, and factually incorrect. And that concentrated effort of theirs kills our children at an alarming rate from induced mental illness, all too often resulting in suicide!

And then there is the whole spiritual side of that evil…and suffice to say the trans cult is simply destroying our children’s spirits, corrupting their very souls. And that unfortunately is exactly what the left is trying to do, sadly for our children…they are succeeding in their mission.

All the while the media and left somehow claim that Christians and the right are the evil doers and the ones causing the violence. That is completely untrue…and they know it. But their screaming and wild accusations creates chaos, confusion, conflict, and violence…and again, that is exactly what they want. You need to look no further than the planned “Day of Vengeance” organized by the transgenderism crowd…let alone the mass murder of adults and children that occurred just last week.

Then there is the Critical Race Theory (CRT) crowd working overtime to start a race war. And that is perfectly in keeping with Karl Marx’s plan (a.k.a. Communist Manifesto)…pit one class/race against another. And Black Lives Matter (BLM) is part of that crowd. And you can see another version of that in California where they are pushing forward with a “reparations” plan to give billions of dollars of taxpayer money to blacks who are victims of slavery…that occurred more than 160 years ago. And do you for a minute think that will induce even more conflict between races?

And now we touch on Trump…and his indictment. The MAGA crowd and most conservatives went off their nut over the SWAT raid on Trump’s home last year. Understandably so. And now he has been indicted and will either be arrested or he will turn himself into jail…what do you think will happen from that radical-leftist move? In their the deepest crevices of their dark souls…what do you think they wish for an outcome on the national level?

Think about it…this never been done before in the history of the US! Even with Presidents such as Clinton and Obama, who were as criminally corrupt as you can possibly imagine and guilty of untold crimes. Then you even have the current President and his family actually being paid by the Communist Party of China for years! You already know that…the US’s #1 enemy, a Communist country paying huge, multi-million dollar sums of money to our President and his family. How much more criminal or treasonous could you get!?!

So why Trump and why now? Ah, there is the question to be asking…if you are willing to accept the answer.

Federal Law Enforcement –

As we well know, every federal law enforcement agency is now compromised and completely corrupted. We can see it in the ATF and their unilateral and illegal ruling against AR pistol braces among other actions taken by the ATF. We can see it their raiding of people’s homes, we can it in their intimidation tactics against gun owners and gun shops/manufacturers, and their utter disregard/disdain for the 2nd Amendment.

We certainly see it very clearly with the FBI all they way back to the FBI infiltration of the Trump campaign with Obama era FBI spies. When they failed to stop Trump from being elected, they lead the DeepState in an actual coup to remove him from office. And then there is the documented evidence of FBI actively tampering with the last few national elections, including the last Presidential election.

Federal law enforcement is an enemy to the citizens of the United States and working to overthrow the Constitution. Even the IRS has become weaponized since the Obama regime.

On March 24th I reported on the fact, actual documented fact, that the federal law enforcement agencies will now go into hyper-mode…

So anything and everything that is on the Internet, or uses the Internet, will be captured and analyzed by AI and ML, communications identified as a potential threat, and then mitigation operations launched against those potential threats…ALL without human intervention!”

And whatever can’t be solved by AI will be cleaned up by the FBI, ATF, DHS, etc. There will not be any privacy whatsoever if it is electronic and especially if it touches the Internet in any way. Then again, I’ve been telling you about this for years.

And then I need to regress a couple of years and remind you of how DHS and the FBI began labeling normal, everyday conservatives, preppers, and even veterans as “potential domestic terrorists.” Then I wrote extensively in February about DHS & the FBI targeting Catholics, and Christians in general, claiming them to be, in the FBI’s own words; “violent extremists”, “radical right-wing gun owners”, and “dangerous, violent.” That is directly from the FBI document in their own words!

Connect this dot…which Christian Church is the lead/primary opponent of abortion? Yup, you guessed it…the Catholic Church. And what lead agency has led the horrific and violent actions against pro-life, hymn signing, praying Christian senior citizens? Yup, you’re right again…the FBI.

Now add into all of that this dot…last week it was revealed another wave of technology that has been revolutionized and now being adopted by federal law enforcement agencies. Those technologies now include readily available retina and other bio-metric data collection devices. Brain-wave scanners that can do incredible things such as, not just indicate lying, but also retrieve images from people’s brains. There will be no secrets from the federal law enforcement agencies…and absolutely no privacy or 4th Amendment rights left from little we now have remaining.

But it doesn’t end there. As if the Patriot Act wasn’t bad enough moving us into a China-style Communist police state, thank you Conservative Republicans…we now have the “Restrict Act” that is making its way through Congress. While it is being marketed by Congress as legislation to ban TikTok, it is actually the final nail in the coffin of free speech.

The Restrict Act allows the Executive Branch (i.e. President Biden) to determine what is “threatening speech”, on the Internet primarily, but includes any public discourse, and how >federal law enforcement, including DHS, is authorized to deal with it. Meaning for example if you oppose the US involvement in the Ukraine war with Russia and voice that opinion online, you could be determined to be anti-US, a Russian collaborator, and guilty of subversive activity. And that my friend could get you 20 years in prison.

Here is more on the Restrict Act…

It grants sweeping powers to the federal government to restrict the online activities of Americans, imposing heavy penalties on any citizen who circumvents it, including criminal fines of up to $1 million, jail sentences of up to 20 years, and the seizure and search of hardware and online accounts, including cryptocurrency accounts.”

So why this, and why now you ask? Perfect…you are getting it.

Tomorrow…well, that will be the start of the real nightmare inducing material. But fear not, there is light at the end of the tunnel. That too I will share with you.

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