Pre-SitRep Article: Root Cause

In preparation for the upcoming SitRep I am posting this article for your reference. I want you to read it, think seriously about it, and then decide where you are in regards to your answer. It is important for you to know where you stand on this issue before anything else will make sense…and the future our country more clear.

Think about our crisis’s that we face today as a country…but think about it in a different way…outside of the conventional boxes:

  1. Baby formula shortage – It is widely known that store shelves are mostly devoid of baby formula…in some areas as much as 75% shortage. The US federal government has declared itself the solution to the problem of the shortage of baby formula in the US. The US government program WIC (Women, Infants & Children) distributes as much as 50 – 67% (given any particular year) of all baby formula in the US, it was the FDA that denied non-US formula producers from importing their products to the US for decades, it was the FDA that shut down the single major baby formula producer in the US, and it was US government that redirected hundreds, possibly thousands, of pallets of baby formula to the US southern border, stored in US government warehouses, to be given away free to illegal aliens by US government employees.
  2. Economic crisis – The US economy is a disaster and getting worse as you well know. The US Federal Reserve, private banking system authorized by the US government, is taking steps to “fix” the economic problems. The US Federal Reserve, private banking system authorized by the US government, printed tens of trillions of dollars over the last 15 years and gave it away to US banks, investment houses, and to foreign central banks around the world. The US Federal Reserve, private banking system authorized by the US government, reduced the interest rates to near zero flooding the economy with “easy money”. The US Federal Reserve, private banking system authorized by the US government, is raising interest rates economically killing businesses and individuals.
  3. Fuel (gas and diesel) crisis – The price of fuel in the US has more than doubled in the last 1.5 years (since the election of Biden) crippling/jeopardizing many parts of the supply chain, pushing more and more US families below the poverty line, devastating many families’ budgets and throwing a major part of the economy into a tailspin. The US federal government has said it will take steps, and has, to ease the problem…they have the solution. It was the US federal government that ceased leasing vital/key public lands for oil & gas development, it was the US federal government that canceled major pipeline projects in the US, it was the US government that made it almost impossible to build new refineries, it was the US federal government that stopped fracking on public lands, it was the US federal government that said they would destroy the fossil fuel industry.
  4. Energy grid crisis – The electric grid in many US states can no longer handle the demand for electricity stating there will be rolling blackouts and brownouts this summer. And worse, the US grid cannot handle the electric power demand going forward. It was the US federal government that stopped issuing permits for new nuclear generating plants, it was the US federal government that declared it would ruin the coal fired electricity generating industry, it was the US federal government that created unrealistic standards for new, or expanding, natural gas fired generating plants.
  5. COVID crisis of 2020/2021 – COVID devastated the US economy, killed many aspects of education, destroyed families, suicide among teens skyrocketed, and the supply chain fell apart. And of course who declared themselves the savior of world to cure the COVID crisis? Of course, the US government did. And strangely enough in a letter from the National Institutes of Health to Congress, and through detailed independent investigative journalism, showed that the Wuhan Institute of Virology from which the COVID virus is reported to have originated was funded with a research grant from…the US government National Institutes of Health.

And the list goes on and on! Is there a single crisis that the US faces right now…or even in the last 25 years…that the US federal government isn’t at the root of? Think about it…what crisis has there been that hasn’t been caused by the US government…even in your lifetime!

And let’s take a crisis that jeopardized, the aftereffects still does jeopardize, the Constitutional Republic like none other in history…a coup against the President of the United States; namely the coup against Trump that began after his election…and back in Mach of 2017 I revealed the coup against Trump and who the key players were.

Recap, while the coup to remove Trump from office failed, it did derail his work as President and was a primary reason for his problems in the 2020 election. And who was behind the coup? Much of the US federal government was in on it, but who was the tip of the spear leading the coup? The tip was easy to identify (by their own admission)…the head of the US government FBI, Director James Comey and the US government Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (click here to read more about the coup).

So let me ask a real simple question…Who exactly is at the root of the problems here in the US in regards to all of our major crisis issues? Asked another way…Who is creating the crises, the really serious problems in the US?  

But, the question that you truly need to ask is…Why is the US government creating these extremely disastrous crisis situations? And then couple that to this thought…Notice that after the crisis manifests itself it is always the US government that says it has, or is, the solution.

And one final tidbit for you for some real clarity…9/11/2001.

Osama bin Laden was pretty clearly reported to be behind the terror attack that brought down the Twin Towers and killed thousands of people on 9/11/2002. And Osama ran the operation from Afghanistan.

Back in 1998 the US government had the opportunity to kill or capture bin Laden. The US government turned down that opportunity.

And before that…during the 1980’s the US government backed the Mujahideen against Russia in Russia’s war in Afghanistan. The US government trained the Mujahideen, funded them, armed them, and the CIA had operatives assist them. It was the Mujahideen who took control of, and leadership of, Afghanistan in the 1990’s allowing the 9/11 terrorists to train, organize, and lead the 9/11 attack and wage the wider wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

And what was the outcome of the 9/11 attacks on US citizens? Or should I ask more accurately…

What was the solution that the US federal government put forward and implemented after 9/11 and the ongoing terror threat?

The US government’s solution was the single most massive elimination of US citizen rights, liberties, and freedoms in the history of the United States. Including massive domestic spying programs and a huge increase in federal law enforcement dedicated to spying on, arresting, and imprisoning US citizens…and doing so outside the bounds of the Constitution. But it gets worse…baring failing in that mission, the US government gave itself the right to process rendition of US citizens to foreign countries for torturing. And worse of all…authorizing itself to outright kill US citizens by the CIA.

Yup, the US federal government has maintained since 2002 that the US federal government can kill any US citizen it so desires under the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF); commonly referred to as the “kill list” by federal government employees, military, US secret police agencies, and politicians.

Listen closely…as reported in 2020 through a court case and Snowden leaks, the US government is saying it can engage in extrajudicial (outside of the US judicial system) killings of US citizens and other non-terrorists. “We kill people based on metadata,” a former US government official exclaimed in response to those Snowden leaks.

Do you get that specific term in the statement…”metadata”????  How many times have we heard the US federal government claim that they only collect metadata not individual data? Yup, US federal authorities admit that they collect the data that they can use to kill US citizens.

Listen closely to a secret US government memo leaked during a federal appeals court case back in 2014 that outlines the president’s argument for the legal authority to kill a U.S. citizen who died in a controversial drone strike in 2011 in Yemen:

“We do not believe that U.S. citizenship imposes constitutional limitations that would preclude…lethal action under the facts represented to us.”

Now, what other questions come to mind regarding the United States Federal Government?

Read this article again if needed…then seriously contemplate the facts.

But as far back as President Reagan (over 40 years ago) it was clear who/what the problem was…I suggest it should be considered a “threat” not simply a problem.Please consider this…

“We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.”

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14 thoughts on “Pre-SitRep Article: Root Cause

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  9. I appreciate your ability to stick to the facts, organize them chronologically for us simple minded folks to understand. You are one of two people in my life that motivated me get my prepping in order. The other was my life long best friend and mentor, Brother Dennis, SF Army Ranger (100% Disabled by AO, taken this past January by COVID19).
    I’ve followed you for many years using your blog to cultivate my SA. We’re blessed to have you and your valuable experience, not to mention your willingness to share it all with anyone willing to see the light. God Bless You,,,, and God Bless These United States of America! Comms are open for further posts!


    • DC,
      I am pretty immune to most emotions; your post brought tears to my eyes. I was both touched and moved.
      I don’t often hear from my readers/visitors the likes of what you shared. It is folks such as yourself and your appreciation that keeps me doing this. I am a small site compared to any of the big guys and it would be easy for me to justifying ending this project. But I just can’t end it…something keeps pushing me on. Folks like you are a big part of that.
      Thank you so much!!! Your simple post, full of heart and feeling, means so much to me.


    • Yup, and it is the US Federal Government that is directly affecting us, rights, freedoms, liberties, economy, etc. based on their power that they have co-opted. I urge folks not to get too wrapped around the axle on large, gray, and unstoppable issues. Stay focused on what is at hand, can clearly be identified…and what we, as individuals, can do about it.
      Thank you for the feedback and the prompting to think about what is happening.


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