May 2022 SitRep (Critical Updates to Parts 1 & 2)

These updates I consider “critical” due to their potential impact to bring down the US in one fell swoop when grouped together. One update could create an almost instant shooting civil war. These are serious developments and I felt the need to include them in the SitRep to bring additional clarity and understanding to what is happening and just how precarious our situation is.

The areas I will be updating are:

  • The Economy
  • Food Situation
  • War with Russia
  • US Civil War II

If you have not already read the following articles prior to this article, please do so now. Doing so will help you understand more fully what I am referring to in this and subsequent May 2022 SitRep articles.

In a article later today I will be posting the actual Part 3 of the May 2022 SitRep covering “The fall of the US Empire”.

On with the updates…

The Economy –

There is an interesting (albeit troubling) economic narrative starting to surface. The numbers for months now show that the US is in-fact in a recession. Additional numbers how that inflation is fiscally killing everyone but the rich; and especially negatively impacting the middle-class. The job numbers show that people are increasingly unemployed with many people no longer seeking employment although employable. And there was widespread belief among many experts that the country would enter a depression before the end of the year.

Well, there is an economic term out there called “excess savings” (ES) and man is it weird. ES is the difference in the total value of money in savings due to COVID vs if COVID hadn’t occurred.

Example: let’s say that you would normally have $1,000 in savings had COVID not occurred. But, since COVID occurred you now have $2,500 in savings; supposedly because you weren’t spending money and thus you saved it. ES is the $1,500 additional money you now have in savings.

And these ES true believers say the US has $1.6trillion in ES to spend. That equates to $12,307 of ES per US household. And based on that figure these ES folks are predicting that the US is coming out of a recession and headed, very shortly headed, to an economic boom. And the worst part…many on the Biden/Harris team are jumping onboard the ES ship.

Now, I don’t know about you and your household but I can tell you that without any hesitation…in our house we don’t have an extra $12,307 dollars in savings!! And I am not hearing any of my friends or acquaintances talking about their extra $12,307.

But there is more contradictory information…

  • US citizens added $13.5trillion of wealth,
  • Paid off massive amounts of credit card debt,
  • Bought and refinanced homes a record paces,
  • Put more money into savings than ever before.

But we know that…

  • Unpaid credit card balances are at record highs,
  • Mortgage foreclosures have skyrocketed by 132%.

But, once you dig below the surface to see the fallacy of those positive ES numbers…

  • The stock market was the biggest driver of that wealth gain in 2020 and 2021. And 2022 YTD stock market losses totaled nearly 10% wiping out most of that wealth gain.
  • 1/3 of that wealth gain went to the top 1% of the US rich folks, well over 70% of the wealth gain went to the top 20% richest people in the US.
  • The middle-class folks suffered the most financially, showing little to no gain in wealth. And as stated, almost all of their wealth gain was from the stock market which has since been wiped out.

Bottom line…the rich got richer…as for everyone else, not so much.

And an interesting set of facts…there were many new billionaires created in the world and the US. All of them came from the ranks of millionaires. And out of the top 16 billionaires created around the world during the COVID pandemic…8 were from China. I find that very interesting considering where the virus came from.

Couple the increase in the wealth going primarily to the richest and most of the new billionaires are located in China…well, you get the idea. If you aren’t following me…it is not just the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. In this case, as in virtually all cases in the last 50 years…the wealth is being transferred from the bottom 90% of the people to the richest 10% of the people…and the US middle-class is disappearing as China producers more and more billionaires.

That should scare the hell out of you! Why? Because the strength of the US Constitutional Republic and the US economy has always been the US middle-class. Without the middle-class you have the rich elites (i.e. ruling class authoritarians) and serfs.

The single most troubling aspect of this dramatic contradiction of economic data…it adds to the confusion, anger, and chaos being created.

What is actually the damage to the middle class?

Since 1970 the US rich have gotten notably richer, the poor have gotten marginally less poor, but the middle-class has been decimated by comparison.

The underpinning of a stable US constitutional political system is the middle-class. In every country or empire, once the middle-class begins to disappear and the rich become richer and dominate…that country/empire falls.

The chart above shows:

  • The middle-class shrank by 33%
  • The poor did shrink by 20%
  • And the rich increased by 72%

So you might think…GREAT! The middle-class and poor folks moved into the “rich” class. Ah, no. This is a comparative chart…it shows that the few rich got richer by a lot. The poor improved their status a bit. But it shows that there is a significant decrease in folks being considered middle-class. Meaning that for the most part many of the middle-class moved into the “poor” category. And that movement of the middle-class earners into the lower-income category is what boosted the improvement in poor category up a small amount.

Now let me connect two dots to help make things more clear.

Remember the $12,307 increase in excess savings (ES) per household? That number is an average per household. However, looking below the surface for the middle-class you see that most of that ES was based in two areas:

  1. Stock market increase came from and linked to their IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.
  2. The other part of the ES came from multiple government stimulus handouts.

Once you factor in the downturn of the market YTD and remove the temporary government handouts there is virtually no increase in savings of the middle-class at all. And the same is even more true for the poor. Meaning…during COVID wealth was transferred from the poor and middle-class to the rich. And the majority of those who became newly rich (i.e. billionaires), 8 out of the top 16 were in China, and most of the total “newly rich” became rich off of COVID related services and products.

Remember my article yesterday regarding authoritarianism? Their goal…power and money.

Why is the middle-class so important? History has proven that it is the middle-class that becomes the heart and soul of a country. It is the center of morals, integrity, and keeps a country centered, stable, and balanced. Without the middle-class any/all countries fail and fall. But until they do…the middle-class is a direct threat to authoritarians (ruling elites).

Food Situation –

I will make this short and to the point…

  1. Major sugar producers are now limiting exports. There is some indication that more than one may curtail all sugar exports.
  2. India has already curtailed wheat exports, now they are considering limiting or stopping all rice exports as well. India is the #1 producer/exporter of rice in the world…40% of all global rice exports.
  3. There are upwards of 12 countries that are now actively considering reducing or stopping food exporting.

We have entered very, very dangerous territory regarding a global food crisis. And the US is smack dab in the middle of it. Estimates are now between 100million to 200million are at risk globally for starvation in 2022. Do I believe those estimates? Kinda. Historically those numbers have been used as “scare tactics” but I am starting to see more and more potential that they may be right this time, at least to some degree.

War with Russia –

Truth be told this should be a larger category…”World War III”.

The US has continually prodded Russia into continuing, if not expanding, their attack/war on Ukraine. The latest development is the US announcement to send an advanced weapons system to Ukraine that is not just an offensive weapon, it is a weapon that can easily reach inside of Russia’s borders with deadly accuracy.

Personally I like to see the fight being taken to Russia and let them get a taste of the destruction war brings. But, is that a logical or even right thing to do? What will Russia’s response be to our escalation of our war with them? What will happen to the resolve of the Russian people when their homeland is attacked? Who will the Russian military blame for these forthcoming attacks on their soil? How will they react?

Then we have “Crazy Joe” now poking China in the eye and trying to provoke a war there. In the last few days he made the statement that the US would militarily defend Taiwan against an attack by China. That has never been the public foreign policy stance of the US. Granted, it has been the unspoken policy but that is far different in the world of sleazy foreign relations. China knows we back Taiwan with military aid, providing advanced weapons systems, training, etc. China always knew with some certainty that we would back Taiwan to one degree or another when China attacks Taiwan. But to take the US stance public, stating it in their backyard, is a direct military challenge to China.

China’s response? A show of military force on the sea and in the air as a direct challenge to “Crazy Joe” and his dare. China calling Biden’s bluff, showing they are not afraid of him or his dementia. Crazy Joe…the man that brings us one step closer to another war…one with a large and technologically advanced military. A military whose publicly released documents states that their intention is to replace us as the sole world’s power. Great job Crazy Joe!

Now I need you to remember what I have been saying for a very, very long time…”watch the other hand.” Meaning, while the focus is directed at one or more high-profile issues, keep an eye on what they try to do while we are not watching the other hand.

Notice how quiet North Korea and Iran are right now? Keep an eye on them, something is up and they won’t remain quiet much longer.

US Civil War II –

So the heart of the matter is simple…coming anti-2nd Amendment moves by the US federal government.

As we all know the authoritarians love a good crisis…the worse the crisis, the more dangerous the crisis, the deadlier the crisis, and the more media focused the crisis the better for the authoritarians. The Buffalo mass shooting of blacks fit that bill perfect because along with the “gun” aspect they also could dwell on the “race” aspect as well. Then the Uvalde school shooting…OMG that is the authoritarians ultimate crisis…not just “gun” but “children” as well!!

No, I am not downplaying either event or mocking either, I am referring to the authoritarians’ outcry directly.

So now you have a perfect confluence/convergence of events that allow the authoritarians to move against guns. And why are authoritarians so anti-gun…or more specifically anti-2nd Amendment? Because they know the sole purpose of the 2nd Amendment as designed by the Founding Fathers.

And the Founding Fathers designed the 2nd Amendment for a single purpose…to allow the people to throw off a tyrannical authoritarian federal government. They suffered under British tyranny, knew the face of authoritarianism, they knew all too well that eventually that same lust for power would creep into the United States. And we see that it clearly has, it is here, and getting worse by the day.

Our Founders showed us the way to deal with tyranny in the Declaration of Independence and the means to do so through the 2nd Amendment. And of course, the authoritarians have steadily diminished both over the years. Their goal? Remove any and all capability to resist tyranny and authoritarianism…yes, even the very desire to resist.

There has been a “bipartisan” committee formed in Congress to hammer out the next round of anti-2nd Amendment unconstitutional gun laws. And it is startling what they are considering. The more radical of the authoritarians want gun bans and confiscation. The more conservative of the authoritarians are willing to go along with banning high-capacity magazines, age restrictions, and broad and vague “Red Flag” laws. Even the most conservative authoritarians are willing to go along with many of the ideas being floated around. The authoritarians are not going to waste this crisis…they will enact more anti-2nd Amendment and unconstitutional laws…it is only a matter of to what degree…but chip away they will.

Anyone in Congress who votes in favor of any gun law can easily be identified as an “authoritarian”…plain and simple. Why else would they vote against rights guaranteed by the Constitution? Why else would they fly in the face of the Founding Fathers wisdom and experience?

Note: When you hear the term “bipartisan” just substitute “authoritarians working together“…which would be far more accurate and revealing.

And interestingly enough…

  1. The shooter in Buffalo was well known by both law enforcement and mental health officials, both of which utterly failed to stop him even with plenty of advanced warning.
  2. The shooter in Uvalde was well known to friends and co-workers by the nickname “school shooter”. And for as yet to be determined reasons, law enforcement delayed stopping the shooter for almost 1-1/2 hours. The school district police chief being the primary person who delayed stopping the carnage. But it was not on his shoulders alone…the first 7 law enforcement officers on-scene did not engage the shooter. This was in direct opposition of all protocols, all training, and all professional standards on dealing with active shooters. And the reason they gave for their lack of action…they “were afraid of being shot at”!!! What???? That’s part of their job, what they agreed to when they signed up, what they knew the job might entail. So is that the real reason they didn’t engage, especially in light of the police chief’s actions to not engage as well?
  3. We know that due to the lack of action on the part of the responding officers in Uvalde children died.
  4. We know that due to the decision of the police chief more Uvalde children died.
  5. So in both cases, Buffalo and Uvalde, we apparently have the utter failure of law enforcement to do their job. Why, when it is so clear what they should have done, were trained to do, knew to do…did law enforcement fail so miserably and completely in both cases?
  6. 65 people a month were shot and killed last year in Chicago, a city run by a radical left-wing authoritarian in a state run by a radical left-wing authoritarian. And where is the outrage, the DOJ investigations, the calls for reform? Huh, tell me where???
  7. 15 shootings, 12 people killed last weekend in Philadelphia, a city run by a radical left-wing authoritarian in a state run by a radical left-wing authoritarian. And where is the outrage, the DOJ investigations, the calls for reform? Huh, tell me where???

What we do know for sure is…

  1. Without these two back-to-back events there would be no unifying cry by authoritarians for gun control.
  2. Without these two back-to-back events there would be no emotions running so high for the authoritarians to play on.
  3. Never has there been a better opportunity for the authoritarians to further disarm US citizens…and they will.
  4. The more radical elements of the authoritarians know that attempting a gun confiscation will start a shooting civil war. They also know that a gun sales freeze or an assault weapons ban would likely start a shooting civil war. In both cases they welcome the opening of a shooting civil war. Should that occur it would give authoritarians the perfect excuse/reason to impose the final phase of their plan for an authoritarian/totalitarian state. And they care not for the price paid in lives or the destruction of the Constitutional Republic. Again, they would welcome it.

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