Let’s talk about the FBI…again

Well, this should be an easy one. I mean the FBI makes the case against themselves in the most extraordinary way.

So Monday a leaked FBI document was made public. It is called the “Federal Bureau of Investigation – Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide: Militia Violent Extremism”. I have included a copy of it below, download it if you wish, or simply view it to confirm what I am telling you.

The FBI document starts off with stating that certain symbols are examples of “Anti-Government or Anti-Authority, specifically Militia Violent Extremists (MVE).” Notice the exact wording of “Violent Extremists”…that wording is vitally important to understanding the true nature of the FBI document.

The document goes on to demonize the use of Revolutionary War symbols and quotes from American history, linking its usage to violent extremists. Again, notice the exact wording of “violent extremists”…that wording is vitally important to understanding the true nature of the FBI document.

I won’t get into all the details, you can read the document for yourself, but essentially any person/group who uses historical symbols or imagery (i.e. flags) is now to be considered a violent domestic extremist/terrorist.

But it gets worse…

Common phrases and quotes of our Founding Fathers and other Constitutionalists are now considered the same…indicators of violent extremists.

And then is gets even worse…

The FBI says that if you negatively reference Ruby Ridge or Waco or Levoy Finicum you are now considered…yes, you got it…a violent extremist.

And then the worst of all…

The FBI states, in writing, that if you talk about or even believe in the facts and hard evidence of the FBI’s horrific misdeeds (i.e. illegal and unconstitutional activities) that too labels you as a…violent extremist.

Let’s get to the important aspect of this…”why?”

So why did the FBI create this document? Well, when a person is labeled/identified as a domestic terrorist (i.e. MVE, violent extremist) they basically lose all of their constitutional rights…according to US federal law. That person so designated is subject to a wide range of treatment that any decent person, any patriotic American, would find both abhorrent and horrific, let along unconstitutional.

So there you have it…this is the FBI’s next step in going after any person that questions the power of the US government or the FBI. Now, they have 100% justification for any action, including lethal action, against any person they can so designate…which is very, very broad by definition.

But there is a far more subtle and insidious answer to the “why?” question. Do you remember earlier this year when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board? Well, that is an outright and blatant attack on the 1st Amendment’s freedom of speech…pretty obvious in its a factual violation of the Constitution. But the US federal government continues its attack on constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties…especially freedom of speech.

There is a lot more that could be said…and you know what I am talking about. Can you see what is actually happening and where this is truly headed?

<click here to read about authoritarianism>

Pray for all of us, pray for the Constitution, pray for divine intervention, pray that hearts will be softened, pray like you have never prayed before. And prepare.

And I think it would be beneficial for us to pray for any FBI agent/personnel who may be true Christians…pray for them. Pray their hearts will be softened…pray that they can see the truth of what is happening.

Photos of actual FBI document –

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6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the FBI…again

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  4. It truly saddens me that pride in one’s country and heritage paired with a healthy respect for the constitution is now consider “extremist” terrorist behavior, and yet I don’t see BLM or Antifa symbolism on there. At this point, anyone who considers themselves a patriot should be disappointed if they’re *not* on an FBI watch list (and I’m only half-joking there). Keep praying, and get involved on a local level to preserve the bedrock of America!

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    • “Sad”…you are being generous…albeit spot on. But notice the use of not just “extremist terrorist behavior” but they use the specific term “Militia Violent Extremists” which is significant. They attack people on two fronts; 1) they label “violent” so they can be targeted as domestic terrorists, and, 2) they make sure to include the term “militia” so they can attack the 2nd Amendment as well.

      They are smart, well trained, closely led, and held to the plan…install authoritarianism. And it is working. And they are just really getting started.

      Your advice/counsel to get involved on a local level is exactly what needs to happen. Work on ourselves, our families, our congregations, and our communities. And of course the most important part of your advice…pray.

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