Remember when I said… CRAZY !

If that isn’t click bait…well, what is? But it is meant to make a point. Our country, our world, and sometimes lives are crumbling apart…and some folks are actively working to destroy it all. And some of those folks might be you…or someone you know.

Remember when I said to avoid militias? Remember when I said to avoid politics and focus on principles? Remember when I said to shed yourselves of the crap in your life and concentrate on building yourselves, your families, your congregations, and your communities? Well, some folks seem hell-bent on destroying rather than building.

There is now a group called the “DESERET NATIONALIST ASSOCIATION”, they also go by the term Deseret Nationalists and DezNats. Well, let me address this a little bit…THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR FREAKING MINDS!!!!

While declaring they are Christians, while they express undying devotion to their church leaders, while thinking they promote something good…they are doing the exact opposite. They are confused, mislead, ignorant, or complicit in one of the biggest tragedies to ever hit the Christian world in recent times.

Now, let’s be clear…this is not a new movement; it’s been around for a while now. My earliest documented article on their website is dated 8/13/2017. And it that article they write “White Utahans who enjoy Utah’s more conservative, Mormon culture will have to embrace ethno-nationalism if they want it to survive. If we don’t fight to defend our White majority here in Utah we will lose the Mormon identity that has been the defining characteristic of this state for generations.”  The key phrase is “…fight to defend our White majority…” If you don’t see the racism in that, the white nationalism in that, then you are blind…or part of the movement…or at least sympathetic to it.

But, it is starting to gain some new notoriety. And the attention they are getting is not good…and the damage they are doing to others is even worse. And I find it interesting that they are trying to go low-profile…their website account was deleted by those that created it. And so I wonder why it was deleted?

And then there is of course a group that DezNats promoted who state that their belief is “The only salvation from this process [destruction of America] is to re-affirm purpose to a civilization, which requires protecting culture through strong nationalism, creating social order through caste, removing equality in favor of hierarchy, establishing leadership by aristocracy, and repatriating all who are not of the founding group.”

But wait for it…they also promote “For our viewpoint, patriotism to race and ethnicity makes more sense than allegiance to the State, and we desire the most anarchic and least jobs-oriented lifestyle we can get.”

Are you getting it yet? Do you feel it? It is white nationalism, fascism, Neo-nazi, racist crap BS!!

And I could go on…but the whackos are getting crazier…and some of them don’t even know they are crazies!

Let me give you an unfortunate and evil example of crazy…Chad and Lori Daybell. In case you haven’t been following them let me fill you in:

  1. They were married in 2019, two weeks after the death of Chad’s wife.
  2. Their previous spouses were both killed, as were other family members.
  3. They both belonged to a fairly mainstream Christian religion.
  4. They both were preppers.
  5. They both wrote and preached about “end-times”.
  6. They both claimed special knowledge about many religious topics outside of their church’s doctrine.
  7. They both had large followings of people.
  8. They both had business relationships with prepper website(s).
  9. They both are bat-crap crazy.
  10. They are murderers…including being child killers.

So why am I bring them up?  Read items 3 – 10 again.

Now, let me take a serious turn on you for a minute. Why don’t I flood my website with articles every day…or even every week? OK, granted…I am adding features to my house, improving our solar system, creating ponding areas, building a solar system for my neighbor, advising another neighbor on his solar system, helping another neighbor gut and remodel his house, improving roads for our communities, irrigating pastures for our church’s ranch…among other things, so I am a little busy right now. But the main reason I am not posting a lot or articles…






So now let me get back on track. I have been talking with a whole lot of preppers in the last 2 years…mostly face-to-face. And folks let me tell you…preppers are becoming increasingly insane! I hear everything from microchips in the COVID vaccine, to spontaneous bleeding of people around folks who have had the COVID vaccine, to weather engineering of the planet by jet vapor trails, QAnon, and my all-time favorite…THE EARTH IS REALLY FLAT! And yes, the list could go on till I fill up the webserver…but you get my point.

So what does DezNats, Daybells, and a flat earther have to do with each other? It is all craziness…and you either have to avoid all of it like the plague in the first place or stop being involved in it if you are already hooked. Otherwise…you too will be crazy, lose your mind, and do who-knows-what! At the very least you will lose all credibility with all those around you, including your family. And I have heard many sad stories of that actually happening.

I have a neighbor who loves conspiracy theories…and he buys into them by the dozen. Now, it is his right to do so…period. The unfortunate thing is…ALL of the other neighbors look at him as a nut case. Now granted, when he is not talking conspiracy theories he is a decent enough guy and is intelligent. But that is maybe 10% of the time he isn’t going on about one conspiracy or another. So no one takes him serious in anything he says. It is a perfect example of the “boy who cried wolf” syndrome. And he spends hours everyday watching videos and cruising reinforcing websites.

Let’s back up to the “I don’t want you to become crazy!” statement. The main thing all of these crazies have in common…they are obsessed with “becoming informed” about everything that is happening in the world…and everything that has taken place. They spend hours and hours each day reading news articles, reading conspiracy books, sometimes absorbing the most absurd religious-based fantasies, and becoming cult-like follows of people and websites.


I am seeing good and faithful members of my church become focused on, obsessed with, religious doctrine that isn’t even preached by any Christian church. But they claim that this person had a “dream” or that person had a “day vision” or someone has some other kind of special insight into life, here or in the hereafter. And they eat it up…to their detriment. Why? There are host of reasons for that.

The unfortunate thing…those same people most often leave behind the fundamentals of their beliefs for the fringes or more extreme beliefs which often are not founded in any scripture. Therein you find the Daybells, the Snuffers, the Morvacs, the DezNats, militias, nationalist movements, and a long list of others.


And some of the saddest things I am seeing is the defense of such things and people. I’ve written about this before. A website I used to frequent was financially involved with the Daybells as well as a friendship with the website leadership. When the whole Daybell thing started to come to light people on the website began to question the Daybells and speak out and question them. Well, those folks were viciously attacked by not only website leadership but by rank and file users as well. Yes, folks were attacked for questioning why child killers were being defended and promoted. But not surprisingly, that same website promotes many of the same crazy topics I mentioned above.

I have been pleading with you for some years now to get rid of the static in your life, to concentrate on only that which is important, focus on building up your family, your congregations, and your communities…giving service to others. I have pleaded with you to avoid the craziness…and the crazies. I am doing so again.

In many ways the world is falling apart…you know that…you see it. Once decent and sane people are now embracing some of the stupidest, insane, and dangerous principles and concepts the world has ever known. Please don’t be one of them!

But, it can be far more subtle that just “stupidest, insane, and dangerous”…it can be a single lie mixed in with a whole lot of truth. Then another lie is introduced…then another. And before you know it…you, or someone you know, is hooked on some weird crap that takes over their life. And when it takes over…it has the power to destroy that life.

So I am asking you consider this:

  • Drastically reduce your time on social media…maybe give it up altogether if it is not productive for a good and worthwhile cause.
  • Stop reading crap news sites.
  • Stop visiting prepper websites that promote militias, radicalism in any form, extremism in any form, weird religious concepts (meaning outside of scripture), promotes or idolizes a person or group, encourages strong political affiliations, etc.
  • Give up, or drastically reduce, Youtube videos regarding conspiracy theories.
  • Stop reading books that promote weird crap until you’ve read the scriptures cover to cover each year. Give service rather than read crap.
  • Know the scriptures and the truths they preach…and stick to those truths.
  • Listen to your church leadership…listen to the Holy Ghost.
  • Help your neighbors, serve folks in your congregations, and get involved in community service projects.

There are already many good people, loving people that have gone astray and are following paths of craziness. The endgame could well be the Daybells for those that don’t stop now! Those two crazy end-times preppers started down the crazy path somewhere…don’t start down that path…or get off of it if you have already taken that step.

Sure…be a prepper, get ready for what is coming. But don’t be, or become, a crazy person about it. Because being obsessed over anything is not healthy and is not conducive to preparedness. Don’t get sucked into weird crap conversations…politely avoid them. Talk instead about gardening, food storage, etc. But do so in a practical and sane way. If you talk about some 24-headed demon riding in on a horse, swinging an ax of fire, in front of the 5th door of judgement as a basis to do food storage…well, no one will listen to you because they will think you are crazy. And they will be right.

I am asking to stop becoming crazy…or don’t take that first step down the crazy path. The Daybells started as preppers, became fantasy believers, became cultists, became famous in some prepper circles/websites…before they became child killers.

Be sane, stay sane, do the right thing, read the right books, be the right people…help others to do the same.

Be this…

…not this!


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7 thoughts on “Remember when I said… CRAZY !

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  5. Thank you. I needed this. I am pretty level headed but it’s so hard to discern truth these days. Sometimes I start to fall for stuff before my husband or you pull my head out of the clouds. I do read a lot of news but from reputable sources and all different political leaning varieties so I can get the bigger picture.

    I read a lot of Chad Daybell’s novels based on the last days a few years ago. They seemed to stay pretty close to scriptures. But then he must have got off track somewhere with the false doctrines some people in the prepping and dreamer community were promoting.

    I used to belong to that same website you did but stopped subscribing after the Daybell fiasco. Way too much contention. I appreciate your level headed focus and attitude.

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