FAQ – 10/28/2022

  • Do you think there is a civil war coming? The media has been talking about it a lot lately.

Yes, without a doubt. The only exception to that “yes” would be if Jesus the Christ Himself comes again and intervenes.

We are simply too divided and polarized as a country…our values are beyond reconciliation. There is about 1/2 of the country who willingly adopt dark and evil values compared to all others.

A recent article on that subject stated as the #1 challenge to not having a civil war is…

“Stop to Reset: Destabilizing times like ours can be fertile ground for changing our more entrenched patterns—but only if we take advantage of them by committing to a significant reset. That is, by pausing sufficiently to be reflective and intentional about the next path we choose.”

Did you notice the terminology, the specific term, “reset” was used. And that is exactly what the elites want…a “reset.” They want us in such a condition that we will agree to, beg for, even demand, a change in our awful condition. And there are lots of folks in power that have the perfect picture for a reset…and it ain’t anything like a Constitutional Republic!

An ill-conceived, ill-planned, ill-timed, ill-executed civil war of restoration would involve brutal violence the likes we’ve never seen. But I am sure that a civil war is coming…its exact nature, form, and timing is still hidden.

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  • How in the world do we fix our country?

The answer could be extremely simple, something along the lines of…

      • Restore the original Constitution and the Bill of Rights in their entirety; and transition the existing US federal government into compliance within a 2-year period.
      • Nullify all Constitutional Amendments beyond the 10th (11th – 27th).
      • For a 28th Amendment – For clarity revise wording of the 14th Amendment regarding defining citizenship, the Privileges or Immunities Clause, the Due Process Clause, and the Equal Protection Clause.
      • For the 29th Amendment – Contains equal rights and protections that essentially states that all US citizens have equal rights and no person’s rights shall infringe upon another person’s rights.
      • For the 30th Amendment – Term limits for elected offices; 1) President = two 4-year terms, 2) Senators = one 6-year term, 3) Representatives = three 2-year terms.
      • For the 31st Amendment – Clarify and use the wording of the current 25th Amendment.
      • For the 32nd Amendment – All legislation that increase taxes, fees, etc. is required to be passed in a general election by a 66% majority of voting US citizens. Also, requires any salary increase for any elected official (President, Vice-President, Congressman, etc.) to be passed in a general election by a 66% majority of voting US citizens. Forbids any elected official or any federal employee to trade directly in any financial market; investments must be held in a blind trust.
      • For the 33rd Amendment – All federal government operations and business transactions are 100% transparent and made available online within 72-hours of those operations/business is conducted. That includes no “secret” meetings, hearing, etc. are to be conducted. All emails and text messages are included in this Amendment.
      • For the 34th Amendment – All federal lands will be transferred in back into private ownership hands with the exception of military bases; 1) respective states will take possession of all national monuments and parks within 90-days, 2) all other federal lands, excepting military bases, will be placed in a lottery system with all valid US citizens over the age of 18 automatically entered, the lands will be dispersed accordingly.

I said the answer was simple…the adoption of the answer 100% impossible…implementation 110% impossible. Besides all of the above was just blabbering on my part.

We are stuck on a path of national destruction.

  • You have written a lot about the CIA and FBI over the years. You have nailed it over and over again. For a long time you were a lone voice exposing their sh*t. Are you worried about what the goons could do to you?

What…Am I going to say “no” in some macho display of bravado? Of course I am worried.

And yes, I am also worried about what they might do to my wife, my kids, and my grand-kids. I worry about what they can do, and currently do, to anyone and everyone in the United States. They are an unchecked and uncontrolled force of evil in the US. No one can reign them in, they work for a far more powerful force than the US government. They can terrorize at will, they can abduct at will, they can torture at will, they have proven time and time again that they can even kill at will. The only thing I have going for me is my low-profile presence online. While I write about them…I imagine they aren’t as concerned about me as much as folks such as James Gordon Meek, the reporter that the FBI/CIA disappeared in April 2022. And right now the FBI has been concentrating on persecuting and terrorizing pro-life activists…including 87-year old women. But, who knows…maybe one day my time will come. If it does…it does…and I will deal with it when that day comes, if it does. Don’t forget, I have already been interrogated three times by federal agents and had to deal with US District Attorneys for almost 6 months at one point several years ago. The shine is off those experiences…and besides, I am a crotchety old man now.

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