FAQ – 12/11/2021

  • What do you see as the biggest threat to the USA right now?

Well, there is a 3-way tie for that honor:

1 – Evergrande has defaulted on its debt. Evergrande is one of the largest property developers in the world, they are located in China. They defaulted on a huge pile of debt without so much as a single word to anyone as to why or any other information. That single default could ripple throughout the business world, including the USA, with as of yet unknown repercussions. To get a perspective of the potential problem you have to understand that China is pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into their economy right now. And yes, there are other Chinese developers that are in deep trouble as well. This needs to be watched.

2 – Russia/Ukraine potential war. Do not for a minute think Biden will defend the Ukraine against Russia. First off, Biden is deathly scared of Putin and wouldn’t go up against him for anything…unless Biden is pushed by behind-the-curtain sources. Even though the Biden Family has close legal and illegal ties with the Ukraine, Biden in no way has the courage to stand behind the US’s commitment/promise/assurances/treaty that the US will defend the Ukraine against Russia. If/when Russia makes their move against the Ukraine and the US doesn’t go to the aid of the Ukraine the US’s stature in the world will take yet another nosedive…as if it couldn’t go any lower. All that being said…if unseen forces that control Biden tell him to go to war, Biden will. And we will lose yet again. Now, it’s all up to Putin. Putin has said war was “highly likely” and likened the situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis. And I am telling you…Putin won’t back down. I believe that he sees his time is about to come for him to step up his reputation in the world. And for Putin, Biden is an easy, spineless, half-wit target. Unfortunately, Putin is 100% right!

3 – China/Taiwan potential war. China has seen Taiwan as part of their country since Taiwan came into existence. And to a large degree they are right. China has been building up both the quantity and quality of their military for many decades now. You will find a notable number of experts who feel that China’s military now rivals the USA in overall outcome capability. China has been provoking Taiwan for some time now testing their capabilities and resolve. There is a strong implied agreement that the US will come to the aid of Taiwan should China begin an invasion or other significant military action. Don’t count on it. The Biden Family has strong legal and illegal business ties with China. Biden is scared of economic fallout if the USA comes to Taiwan’s aid. Entering a China/Taiwan would only result in a loss for the USA, the USA could not win that war. And, importantly it could devastate the US economy, literally destroying it, at least temporarily. The hardship in the US would be incalculable.

And here is a summary for #2 & #3…as I’ve written about before should either Russia or China begin an armed conflict with the Ukraine or Taiwan respectively, the other country will make their move as well. The last thing the US wants is a two-front military conflict on the opposite sides of the world with the two other world super-powers…and both Russia and China know it. The US could not win a 2-front armed conflict with Russia and China let alone a two-front war. Further, should we engage with both, the cost to the USA in every aspect would move the USA to third place in the concept of world super-powers, maybe even move us out of that super-power category altogether. And the USA would/will suffer irreparable damage in regards to diplomacy, as well as being a potential death blow to the US economically.

The USA has never in its entire history been as close to destruction as it is right now. And we have a mentally deficient, utterly incompetent fool at the helm…and the most evil of evil behind him controlling him. The situation in US is precarious at best.



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Feedback & Comments : Kyle Rittenhouse

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsNote: I felt this was important enough to post for all to read and ponder. I received comment this from Saber 7…

You missed or decided not to point out if the mayor, governor, police had done their job on DAY ONE we would not be talking about this!!! DAY ONE!! This is not tribalism, this is a manufactured outcome. Had the police been doing their job there would be no reason for a private citizen posted to protect private property from an unlawful terrorist mob.

Look at who was attacking Mr. Rittenhouse, it was felons, all convicted felons!!! Did you miss that? And just this week, where or how did the pallets of bricks on corners in Kenosha appear? (Need a forklift to pull them off a truck you know) and the local police not deal with the individuals delivering the pallets of bricks/weapons?

Tribalism? Thats all you can identify? Its not tribalism at work here, we are purposefully being divided by actors who want to destroy the FUSA. And they are doing a grand ol job of it.

In response I write/wrote (with today’s edits)…

Hey Saber,

Thank you for posting a reply. Now, let me address your issues…

1) I didn’t miss anything that you pointed out. I followed the entire situation closely and wrote about the violent left, etc. back when it occurred…and before with a warning to avoid it. This post was not intended to be a comprehensive regurgitation of anything…only the “effect” at the 60,000ft level. There are plenty of other websites and talking heads who prattled on endlessly, and still do, about this situation.

2) Yes, had the police and others in leadership done their job there would not have been the violence. Once again, failure of government and communities. But they didn’t do their job and there was this debacle of rioting and criminal behavior. None of that excuses the rioters and their ridiculous behavior…or rather the situation’s manipulation by the radical left. And that had nothing to do with the focus of my post.

3) There is NO “manufactured outcome” if you are referencing the Kyle Rittenhouse issue. He acted, the government acted, the justice system acted, the jury acted, he was acquitted. Nothing “manufactured” about that. Predictable perhaps based on the players but hardly manufactured, especially the outcome or they would have never prosecuted him. Now, the original violence and riot…that was “manufactured” by the usual players on the left…as I predicted and warned about.

4) Private citizens are right in protecting their property whenever they or their property are threatened…in my opinion. It is a God-given right and a Constitutionally guaranteed right. However, a minor -a child- on his own, should not have taken up arms, traveled to another city, and appointed himself, by himself, a protector of someone else’s property. And his mother should never have allowed that or enabled that. That is just plain stupid and wrong by any measure on both their parts.

5) As I stated above I didn’t miss anything…especially the felon aspect on the part of those who were shot. I was aware of the charges, convictions, and prison time of the attackers. And if you notice the post was not about them or their actions beyond that it justified self-defense. The fact that 3 were shot and 2 killed is of no concern of mine, and it was not the focus of the post. Besides, the world is probably better off without them…rather harsh…but my opinion at this time. I am sure their families miss them, I am sorry for that, but they were criminals and participating in community-wide violence. It would have been better for all had the justice system dealt with them appropriately.

6) I don’t care about the bricks, forklifts, or anything else regarding what was to happen in that city this weekend or any other time. It is a local matter for the locals to deal with. And it certainly had nothing to do with my post…as intended.

7) I identified “tribalism” because it is a much, much bigger threat to the US than any of the other issues surrounding this matter…in my opinion. There are lots of people who like to focus on small, albeit sometimes important, details. The purpose of my post was to clearly explain an issue that goes far beyond the shootings, the people directly involved, or the court case. Call it the “big picture” if you will. I am past the small crap going on in our country today…it is the bigger stuff that is of most importance and what I try/tend to address and bring to light so folks can deal with it.

8) If you had read and understood my post and the graphics at the bottom of the post you would have understood I was pointing out “purposefully being divided”…which is by definition – tribalism.

Finally, “…actors who want to destroy the [USA]. And they are doing a grand ol job of it.” We agree 100% on that…and that was the intent and purpose of my post…we are being divided and they are winning. They are winning because we are complicit and foolish…it is our own fault.


Note: The basic response of mine to Saber’s comment appeared on the original post page the day of the post. This post is to bring to light the issues he brought up and address them more fully. Saber was not wrong for the most part, he was just looking at more aspects of the situation. He did misrepresent me a little bit on where I was coming from. And he failed to understand the tribalism aspect. But, he was right in the fact that the original riot and violence was manufactured. The riot and violence was designed and implemented by the radical left (i.e. Democrats). And, they are part of the much bigger picture that includes the transition of the USA into an authoritarian state. And in that effort…the Democrats and Republicans work together.

I hope and pray that my readers ponder what I write and then seek “their answer” as what to do in their own life to deal with what is happening and what is is about to happen.


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FAQ – 10/28/2021

  • Last month Jamie Dimon said “We should get rid of this debt ceiling.” Why would he say such a thing?


First off, let’s talk about who Jamie Dimon is. Currently he is the head of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JP Morgan merged with Chase Manhattan Bank. Then JPMorgan Chase & Co bought Bank One. Then they bought Bear Stearns. Then they bought Washington Mutual Bank. Making JPMorgan Chase & Co one of the largest banking and investment firms in the world.

And Jamie Dimon is a personal advisor to Joe Biden. He is also a multi-billionaire. He is also a former Federal Reserve board member.

And FYI…his grandfather, a Greek immigrant to America, changed the family name from Papademetriou to Dimon when he got to America.

He majored in psychology at Tufts University. Tufts, was founded by the Universalist Church and is a liberal arts college that stresses internationalism. After graduating Harvard Business School he went to work for the infamous Goldman Sachs which has had close ties with the US government and international bankers. Dimon later worked for Citigroup, then president of Bank One. He then became the head of JPMorgan Chase when Bank One was bought by JPMorgan Chase.

In 2008 the United States government gave JPMorgan Chase $25,000,000,000 ($25billion) as a bailout during the 2008 – 2009 financial crisis.

Dimon is a hardcore Democrat with the exception of some minor business regulation issues. Barack Obama and Dimon were close during Obama’s presidency. Dimon was especially close to and advised Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

So back to your question…why would Jamie Dimon say, “We should get rid of this debt ceiling.”?

Now that you know a little more about Jamie Dimon, go back to the primary foundational question in these matters…Who benefits from such a move in terms of “money and power”?

The answer is:

  • The US Federal Government
  • US Federal politicians and bureaucrats
  • US and international banks

So the direct answer to your question…To make sure banks stay stable and make even more money.

And remember how banks make money…banks transfer wealth from the lower classes to the upper classes…and eventually to the very upper class.

While the country was locked down and dealing with the plague in 2020…

Note: That is $84 from every man, woman, and child in the United States. Just saying…

Now for some humor and thoughts…

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FAQ – 10/26/2021

  • You mentioned “Deepfake” quite a while ago, thank you. I heard it is getting worse for potential fraud. What is happening now?


It is getting WAY worse and the potential for abuse is skyrocketing! Yes, there is the normal criminal element involved and they will use it for scamming and other criminal activity. And yes, there is the entertainment industry who are taking advantage of it, but as of yet they are not 100% sure of the legal ramifications involved. But I find their use of it really pretty amazing and ah, entertaining.

Then there is the political aspect of Deepfake. I expect we will see some use of it shortly as we enter the run-up to US elections in 2024. And I think we will see it used internationally in the political arena before we see it appear in the US political scene to any great degree.

Various militaries around the world are training in the technology on how to defend against it…and how to use it offensively to attack another country. The US military appears to be clearly leading the way in this activity.

Where I see one of its most dark potential is in the secret police world. Dark ops players like the USA’s CIA, Russia’s FSB, and China’s MSS will use it to destabilize other countries. The CIA is probably the best equipped to use it and has a long infamous track record of similar operations. More minor players such as North Korea and Iran, maybe even the Ukraine will increasingly use it, but they are not at the competency level of the major players and their usage of it will be more obvious.

The worst and darkest potential I see is with the US Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Those agencies are well-known for fraud, lying, abuse, and outright perjury in courts…especially the FBI <click here to read more>. I believe we will see a substantial use of that technology in the coming years once a whistleblower steps forward to reveal it…such as Edward Snowden, (a true American patriot and hero). Where/when it will be used on a widespread basis will be when the feds see the need to use it against the various serious “revolutionary” movements…and I am not talking BLM or other radical leftist organizations.

And FYI…”Deepfake” now has a more sophisticated name…”Synthetic Media”.

To see a great media piece on Deepfake watch the below

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FAQ – 5/11/2021

from Barry

  • If someone thinks they have most of their tangibles in order and can’t relocate, how much of their savings should be in cash, precious metals, cryptos, the market, and/or in insurance? I’ve seen recommendations for anywhere from 1 to 6 months of expenses in cash and 5 to 25% in PMs.


DISCLAIMER: I am not an investment or insurance advisor and not trying to act in that capacity.

Really, really good question!! And I go at this like anything else… mission and priorities…or risk & mitigation. You can look at it both ways.

For the average person insurance is the highest priority. For instance, should your house burn down you must have enough insurance to rebuild. If the bread winner dies, you have to have enough income replacement for survivors to continue on. So, correct/appropriate insurance coverage is #1.

#2 is cash in case something occurs and you have expenses. I believe in 6 months to a year of basic expenses is the right amount. Obviously you build up to that…well, unless you are wealthy.

I do not believe in “crypto currency” at all! I think it is a scam, a form of pyramid scheme…or a purely speculative commodity worse than pork belly futures. 0% (zero) in cryptos is my rule. Kinda like a slot machine…pure gambling.

The stock market is also a gamble…but a decent one if you put your money where the big boys do, or invest through the big boys. We have a really great mutual fund for about 50% of our IRA amount. It has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 for a very long time…and our IRA is a long-term investment. The other 50% is in cash equivalent. That 50% is to give a cushion in case we need to take money out of the IRA and the market fund is down or poised to go up.

Now, precious metals…oh, boy. A decent rule of thumb is 10% And I am more of a fan of silver than gold. Remember, precious metals have little intrinsic value…its value is mostly perceived value. And historically it has held up pretty well. But, my personal view is that its value won’t last long in “grid-down”. I also like junk silver just as much as investment grade rounds. Unless you are very wealthy (i.e. multi-millionaire) I think 20 – 25% is way WAY WAY too much PM.

My favorite PMs are lead and brass…very precious indeed…and multi-purpose…and they also have built in security.

Oh, and I think it is very wise to have some, maybe all, of your cash in actual cash. Obviously very well protect from theft or destruction…but kept on hand nonetheless. When the banking system shuts down cash will be king for a short period of time.

I hope that answered what you were looking for.

Obviously I wasn’t giving investment or insurance advice…just talking about our situation. (second disclaimer)







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FAQ – 5/10/2021

from “anonymous”

  • I read your entire SitRep last week. I did enjoy it and it did challenge me. I am not sure what the outcome will be because it is still a work in progress for me while I think through all of your points. But, I got the idea there was more that you wanted to say, maybe something important. If I am right, what was it?

You are very observant. I got so engrossed in that SitRep I could have gone on for another 25 pages. Yes, there is that much going on right now. The “static” is coming at us from every direction and it can become overwhelming if a person isn’t careful. I saw it in church today. During our men’s meeting some men started bringing up current events. Oh boy! Masks, COVID, 2nd Amendment, Trump, BLM, etc. The class quickly went off the rails and the spirit left immediately. People started getting so worked up…exactly what Satan wants us to do.

If you read my Summary and truly heard my message then you get a pretty good idea where I am coming from…IGNORE THE FREAKING STATIC!! And once you can do that…then concentrate your time, efforts, and resources on those things that you can influence.

The world is going to do what the world is going to do! And we, as individuals, have absolutely no control over it. What we can control is our self…then we can influence our spouse, our family, our neighbors, our congregations, our communities…and that is the really important part! Get out there face-to-face with people and help them, serve them, talk with them about correct principles. Band together with those who have the same views on the same correct principles.

FORGET POLITICS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Our American political system is so broken…Satan rules it. Don’t get caught up in politics, political discussions/debates; of course you should vote for the candidates that have views closest to yours…as long as they are not corrupt in other ways. Think local.

Man, I could go on and on but now is not the time. But, I do appreciate the observation and question.

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FAQ – 1/27/2021

  • Do you think Biden is feeble?

Yes. I’ve studied him closely for the last 90 days, very closely. And he has deteriorated even in that short time. If you watch him speak, look closely at his mouth, at times he has significant trouble even forming words. That is a sign of a stroke or other significant brain damage. At times he forgets the entire point he is trying to make. At other times he makes glaring mistakes with the words he uses. And notice how often he appears disoriented. And of course watch him walk, raise his arms, etc. His mental and physical capacity is greatly diminished. I would say he is maybe 60 – 70% there physically, maybe 50 – 60% of his mental capacity.

And yes, that means Kamala will be President soon. How soon? That I don’t know for sure. But with the stress of the office, I would be surprised, shocked actually, if Biden makes it a year…and amazed if he makes it 2 – 3 years.

And as I’ve written before…it is all expected, anticipated, and planned by the Democrats. The whole idea was to get Kamala as President. She is an rabid anti-Constitution authoritarian, fully and totally committed to the Progressive agenda. That was their plan all along…as I’ve stated previously.

  • Do you think that the second impeachment of Trump do good or harm?

Harm. It will further fracture and divide the country beyond what it already is. The whole purpose of Imp2 is to humiliate Trump, prevent him from running again, and teaching his supporters (and all Republicans) a lesson. And that lessen is this…never go outside the box again…stick with the agenda and nominate a person that is part of the “establishment”, part of the agenda, someone who will advance the cause…or be crushed.

And I am sure that in the back of their minds is the fact is will probably spark more division and violence, more “insurrection”…just as we saw on 1/6. And that will be a golden gift to the leftists…one more reason for them to crush the right and any other opposition that may come along.

You see, the Democrats know that this impeachment of Trump will deepen the divide in the country, and even create more of a divisiveness among the right, as we are already seeing. That is their goal. Remember the term, “Divide and Conquer“???? That is exactly what the radical leftists (i.e. Democrats) are doing…and doing so quite effectively.

  • Will the military stay in Washington DC, effectively martial law, and why?

I expect the military to stay in DC for a while, although the numbers will decrease. And the reason…a show of power…pure and simple. It is to show US citizens as well as the world that the leftists are in charge now, here to stay, and are not to be challenged without being crushed.

It is little more than an ego stroke and a symbol of power. The left loves those things…as does the right and the law & order freaks. By in large it is only the libertarians that reject such blatant power symbols and militarism.

Until this country loses its unmitigated lust of power, domestically and globally, will we be unable to find any domestic peace, tranquility, and true security.

  • Don’t you fear for our country and where we are headed?

Oh come on…that was one of the easiest set-ups I’ve ever had!

First off…Look at the header graphic at the top of the page of this website. That should speak volumes.

Then consider this…Why be fearful? The people of the United States have been making pathetic political and civil choices for the last 130 years or so. No, not all our choices have been bad, but those directing the course of our nation have been “poor” …at best. We’ve chosen leaders, Congress and as President, to represent us that have done their very best to destroy us. They passed tens of thousands of laws to restrict or eliminate our rights, freedoms, and liberties that we started with under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We have elected representatives that have consistently fed our lusts and desires…at the expense of our rights. We’ve lost sight of the principles that our Founding Father, along side patriots, fought and died for. We have willingly given up freedom for safety. We embraced a 2-party system when our Founding Faters warned us against them. And now have a single sword with two edges hacking away at “We the People.” We’ve freely sacrificed a Judea-Christian foundation of morality for a world of quenching our most base desires. We’ve replaced civility and a sense of self-sacrifice for a complete vision of “me” that wants only one thing…selfishness.

As a country we’ve brought this on ourselves…as have all empires the world has ever known…and we will watch this empire fall as have all others. It is simple…we encouraged pride over humility. And there are consequences for that choice.

Does it have to stay that way? Of course not! There are millions and millions of good people in this country doing amazing good. We can see it every day around us…many of you, most of you, are those good people…humble, teachable, going out and sacrificing for others. The very same people who would share your food, your clothes, your time and energy, your everything in times of emergencies, disasters, and grid-down.You are those that would, and do, follow the Golden Rule…would follow the words of Christ…even if inconvenient. You know Him, know His word, you have eyes that see, ears that hear, and hearts strong enough to do His will…even when it is not easy to do so. That continued behavior can change the course of this nation. It is just that simple. Yet…many choose to do otherwise.

So no, I don’t fear for our country. I do pray for it, I do continue to write, I continue to share, I continue to give service. I do what I can…but I don’t fear.


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FAQ – 1/25/2021

  • Do you see the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints being targeted? The leaders of the Church are trying hard to be neutral, but I think that confiscating their assets would be a temptation to go after them as an institution and also the members. This is especially so if food gets scarce.

Interesting…you picked an interesting church to reference. Based on history…the short answer is “yes”.

In the latter part of the 19th century the federal government violated the First Amendment and blackmailed the church into giving up part of their religious practice. The Feds threatened to confiscate all church property and throw the leadership in prison if they didn’t submit to the Fed demands.

Then again in 1857/58 the US Army was sent to the territory of Utah to suppress the Mormons and make them submit to federal government demands.

And then 10 years prior to that when the state of Missouri issued a “shoot on sight” “extermination order” against Mormons, the federal government did absolutely nothing to stop Missouri or protect the US citizens.

So the long answer is……….Yeeeeeeeesssssssss.  But, the LDS church will not be the only targets. The Biden/Harris regime will go after all non-liberal Christian denominations. They have already identified pro-life Christians as “potential domestic terrorists”. Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, is already working to not just expand the list identifying more Christians as …they are working to remove the label “potential” from that designation.

  • You are writing so much about Armageddon, will you write any more prepper articles?

Yes. Right now I am more worried more about current events than anything else right now. However, I have a couple of articles in the process and they will be coming out before too long.

  • Are you seriously comparing the Biden/Harris team’s actions to Hitler gas ovens and killing Jews?

My first reaction, knee-jerk as it was, is a resounding “NO!” Then I started thinking…

Go back 130 years ago to the start of the Progressive (i.e. Communist) movement in the USA. Think about all the rights, freedoms, and liberties we had back then…how little the US federal government intruded into everyone’s lives. Now, review everything the has transpired since then…and the fact that we’ve lost about 90 – 95% of those rights, freedoms, and liberties since then.

So now I will revamp my answer…if things keep going the way history has already gone…yes, we could well be looking at wholesale slaughter of US citizens the federal government. At the very least…nasty interment camps for the “undesirables”.

Look, the US Army already has a history of slaughtering Americans…yes, meaning civilians…including its own veterans. The FBI has a proven history of murdering US civilians. The US government has already used concentration camps for holding US citizens…without “due process” I might add.

Now, let me ask this…What do you see the federal government capable of?

  • Do you honestly believe that the Biden administration is full of Communists, Marxists, and Socialists?

First off, many of them have opening admitted that they are, if not full-blown members, have sympathies for those groups. And many of them have self-identified as such. Lastly, don’t take my word for it at all…judge them by their actions and their own statements.

For me, it is crystal clear…they are rapid, out-of-control, extremist left-wingers. Meaning…Communists/Socialists/Marxists/Fascists. The most clear and present danger that this country has ever seen…PERIOD ! !

Contact me with your questions or private messages…

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FAQ – 01/18/2021

  • Last night I was flipping through Youtube and came across a still picture of a white man who was supposedly the voice I was hearing. He was indicated to be a military leader breaking news to the American people WW 3 has started. It is identified as biological and digital and our country has been betrayed by treason by the Democratic leaders. It was convincing enough I began to search for verification through other news sources. Today I am wondering if many others saw it too.

Yeah…I hear ya. And remember I was warning about this happening…all the way back on 6/16/2019!!  Yup, that is when I started explaining how serious it was and how much it would come into play in our reality. I mentioned it at least 9 times since then. And almost three weeks ago a British research company released that over 60,000 deepfake videos alone hit the world in 2020. Yup…that’s SIXTY THOUSAND! Double from the year before…think about what that means for us in 2021…another doubling…or worse!?!

And no, I didn’t see that particular video. I do however sometimes scan YouTube for trends and occasionally come across videos like that. And there are others as well…that are supposedly from “experts”. Ah, no. They may be great at creating a video but they are no expert anything related to the subject they are speaking on. They are usually sensational topics and controversial in nature. I believe many are “disinformation” campaigns from foreign or domestic enemies…some are just crackpots seeking attention and to stir-up trouble.

I stay with known sources, known people, and don’t believe a word of any of them until I can triple source the info.

  • Haven’t heard the usage of Boogaloo in a long time. It’s the same thing as saying “nigger”, or “stupid nigger”. Is that what you mean for us to understand you are saying?

Not hardly!!  The Boogaloo movement is:

      • made up of different groups without a single leadership structure, goals, or mission
      • virtually all white membership, a few white supremacists, a sprinkling of neo-Nazi folks
      • been described as a militia (though I completely disagree with this, they are heavily armed, but no militia)
      • ardent anarchists, very anti-government
      • trying to start a civil war or revolution

They are folks that I would not expect any of you to be associated with.

Note: I left the original wording of the writer to show their confusion and for my clarification. Obviously no offense was even remotely intended so don’t even go there.

  • Why is the FBI “vetting” the military troops that are now in Washington DC?

There is a 2-part answer to this one. Shows the extreme power plays taking place. Bottom line…it is part of the authoritarians advancing their agenda.

Part #1 – The authoritarians want the military there in DC for the Biden/Harris inauguration. It is a massive/ultimate display of their authoritarian power and their ability to crush the right…actually, crush any in opposition to their power.

However, in order for the authoritarians to properly wield that power, they must also have and show complete dominance over the military. As much as it must be clear that the authoritarians can crush anyone with the military, it must also be clear to the military that the authoritarians also absolutely dominate them as well. And that leads to part two.

Part #2 – Notice who is doing the vetting…the FBI. First off, remember that the military is actually an organization that is authorized under the Constitution. The FBI is not authorized under the Constitution. The military is assigned via the Constitution the responsibility to protect the USA from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The FBI has no such mandate because they are not even authorized under the Constitution.

This is a move by the federal government “deep state” (a.k.a. authoritarians) to use their stooge law enforcement goons to show who is at the top of the food chain…the FBI…that they are superior to the military. It is a clear message that non-Constitutional authoritarian personnel are significantly more important and a higher priority than the military.

So, it is pure politics! It is to show who has the power, who wields the power, who is where in the food chain, and that the authoritarian ruling elite controls it all.

And the talk about some military units possibly being behind an attempt to take Biden into custody or worse is pure bullshit! That my friend is a move by the authoritarians, specifically the Biden/Harris Administration, to put the military on notice and in its place…at the same time it also discredits the military, or at very least reduces their sense of honor and dignity.

  • You talked about the “evidence” of the potential of violence in DC and state capitals. [Feedback & Comments: 1/14/2021] Nothing much came of it. Was the evidence of yours valid or just you guessing or going with mainstream media reports?

Honest question! I brought together a variety of sources for the potential of violence and from which groups…the best I knew. I obviously have no first hand knowledge of any of it because I am not directly, or indirectly, involved in any of the groups mentioned or any planning of any kind. So everything I used as background was at least second hand.

As heavily as the FBI coordinated with the media to talk about, and warn about, the potential for violence I don’t doubt for a minute that the FBI was behind a lot of the “evidence” that there would be violence. Yes, exaggerated, even fabricated, evidence. It would be a great move on their part to curtail the violence itself, or give them great cover to react to any violence, perceived or real, and crush it violently.

Then again…maybe the folks that were planning the violence realized that their chances of success greatly diminished with all the exposure. They may have also realized that they were losing the support of a whole lot of folks via the intense PR campaign against them.

Maybe a combination of both.

Either way, I stand by my warning(s) and I am especially grateful that nothing serious happened.

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FAQ – 1/14/2021

  • Out of all of this that’s been going on, what do you see as the worst?

Well, I could make a list and feel better about it, but you asked me a specific question…“the worst”. However, I am going to be cagey about it and announce a three-way tie for worst 🙂

The worst of everything that has been going on in the last week is 3-fold…

1) Tens of thousands of military troops and armored vehicles in the streets of Washington DC….and many more around the country in our state capitals, and some major cities. That is disgusting, disturbing, and disappointing beyond my ability to say so. It makes us that much closer to having an authoritarian regime vs a Constitutional Republic. It is something you expect to see in Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea…the military defending a despotic government. And, we have the idiots of 1/6 to thank for that. And leftists and authoritarians (and oddly, the law & order freaks) love to see the military on the streets of American cities.

2) The mega-convergence of government, media, and big-tech. 1/6 was the definitive event that made that convergence possible…greatly quickening and enhancing of the plans of the leftists to destroy the Republic. I did some research and talked to some folks the last couple of days…big-tech is already seriously changing their operations to move everything liberal/leftist to the top of search engines and everything else WAY down the lists. And EVERYTHING non-leftist is taking a huge hit by big-tech and their authoritarian cronies. And it is just getting started. Hopefully the alternative economy movement will pick up the pace and provide options. But I fully expect the big-tech co-conspirator federal government to step up and squash the alternative economy movement.

3) The behavior, current and future, of the radical right. I can’t tell you enough how incredibly stupid the radical right, including Trump worshipers, were in playing right into the hands of the leftists! They went beyond everyone’s (on the left) wildest dreams. And those idiots still are trying to justify their actions, defend 1/6, and rationalize the planned 50-capital armed rallies. I mean how utterly blind can they be!? They just can’t see the devastation they have brought on not just themselves…but everyone and everything non-leftist! The Patriot Movement has been seriously hurt…and those responsible (mentioned above) are clueless that it was their actions that brought the “hurt”. They played right into the hands of the leftists and authoritarians…and did so perfectly…far beyond the left’s expectations.

  • What about Trump impeached today [1/13]?

Honestly, it means nothing of any importance. Yes, it seriously degrades Trump legacy, but that already was in the crapper. Ask yourself what does his second impeachment mean to you, how will it affect you? If you are completely honest…the answer is…it doesn’t affect you.

The only downside I see is the crazy radical right taking great offense at it and being even more stupid than they already have been. They may see it as a rallying cry to stir up even more stupidity and create more mayhem than 1/6 and give leftists even more ammunition to crush the right even more.

  • Don’t you think that the planned armed rallies in all 50 state capitals will show them we aren’t going to take it anymore?

NO!!!  I think it is even far more dangerous and stupid than 1/6. If there are armed rallies at the various state capitals it plays perfectly into the hands of the leftists! It plays right into proving just how widespread and dangerous the radical right (and their guns) has become. They will paint it as proof that the right is a clear and present danger…with their guns. (Notice my subtle message there?)

Also, it will give the left perfect cover for their law enforcement and military goons to take strong, potentially lethal, action against those involved. And it will also provide a real boost (as if it is needed) for the FBI to further their ongoing work to strengthen the authoritarian Biden/Harris regime (and continue building the unchallengeable power of the federal government in general).

  • Aren’t you mad that Biden is going to put our country in debt like never before with the $2000 check he is promising?


Look all the politicians, Democrats AND Republicans, they have sent our nation’s debt over the cliff. Their utterly irresponsible/criminal spending has ensured our economy’s demise…it’s only a matter of time.

Now, back to your question…as I mentioned in an earlier post I look at the proposed $2,000 check as a tax refund. The federal government already forces use to pay them an exorbitant amount of our hard earned money. If we don’t pay their extortion demands they send us to prison. And they arrogantly (and wrongly) see themselves as far smarter in spending our money than we are. So no, I welcome them sending me back my money that they forcibly took from me.

As for the debt, in reality what is another $trillions in deficit spending? Nothing. It is all play money at this point anyways.

Now from a political point of view…it is a masterful stroke of political genius on Bide/Harris’s part!!!! Think about it, they come into office, champion of the left, defender of the little guy, hell bent on fixing all things Trump…and the first thing they do…send Americans a big fat check! Brilliant!!! In reality…a case could be made that they are “buying” people’s goodwill…and I would say that the argument is accurate.

  • What do you think is going on with the “Trump worshipers” (to use your term) at this point?

Wow, loaded question…and one that needs to be asked…good job. I wonder if all those Trump supporters from 1/6 (and their allies) realize that Trump soundly denounced them yesterday (1/13)? Trump went out of his way, in no uncertain terms, and said that all those Trump supporters who participated in,or supported, 1/6 were not really his supporters. Then he also went on to say that all of his supporters that were anything but totally peaceful in their events were also not his supporters, etc. That was a major denunciation of a huge number of his most ardent supporters.

But I am sure that QAnon will put out some coded message that Trump didn’t mean what he said and his real message was one of love and support and encouragement to continue their struggle. Committed Trump worshipers will not hear the condemnation that Trump clearly delivered.

To be more succinct, his diehard worshipers will have no change of heart…they will still have him as their idol and justify themselves in the most bizarre of ways. Most of his supporters will still be his supporters, most will still maintain a “siege mentality”, most of them will still stand by him, most of them will still make whatever mental contortions needed to justify their actions and position in defense of 1/6. A few of his supporters will stop, open their eyes and see, open their ears and hear, and realize they have been duped in many ways…and will begin to figure out what to do and where to go from here. Please give those folks a soft place to land.

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