FAQ – 1/9/2021

  • Is QAnon a reliable source of information? They/he seem to have inside information on what is happening.

Let me make sure there is no confusion on this subject…


And just to make sure I am clearly understood…

Hell No!

I started watching their stuff shortly after they started posting. It became very apparent very quickly that is was a complete and total farce. But, I held off until I saw a consistent pattern to their posts. And it confirmed to me that the QAnon posts were absolutely worthless, no value, little (if any) truth, and vague to the point of complete crap.

I see evidence (but not proof) that QAnon is actually a PsyOp of one or more federal agencies or foreign entities. And yes, the federal agencies and foreign governments have done so before, multiple times.

So I don’t believe a single thing from QAnon, I don’t believe they have any special inside information, I can’t see any value of any kind in anything they post. And truth be told…I think QAnon does terrible damage to patriots, conservatives, etc. Why? Because people, desperate to believe in something, latch onto frauds like QAnon. And then all reality, truth, evidence gets thrown to the curb and an unknown, unproven, vague source of crap becomes their reality, basis of opinion, and possibly motivation to action.

So there you go…I hope you have my clear view of my QAnon opinion.

  • Does Trump bear any responsibility for the Capital Attack?

You’re going to love this answer…Yes & No 🙂

First off, let me be 100% clear…those people that attacked the Capital Building, ransacked offices, attacked federal officers, vandalized, and participated in the death of at least 4 people chose to act the way they did and are solely responsible for their individual actions.

That being said…does Trump bear any responsibility? Yes, of course he does. Any rational, reasonable, thinking person can see he does. It was Trump that called for the protest to begin with. It was Trump who consistently called the election a fraud and his loss a theft in the strongest of terms. It was Trump who urged people to take action, to object to the certification of the vote, it was Trump who told Pence to overturn the election, it was Trump who didn’t commit to a peaceful transition of power…and the list goes on. So it was clearly Trump who helped create the atmosphere for a peaceful protest to transition to violence. At no point did Trump tell the protestors to maintain the law, to remain peaceful, to not attack the Capital. Even after Trump was told the protest was turning violent AND he was asked to tell the protestors to stop, he didn’t take any action. It wasn’t until it was mostly over that he made any effort.

And at any point Trump could have told the protestors to stop, go home, leave the area, do not turn violent, etc…and Trump chose not to do so. He intentionally and willfully took NO action to stop the protest from turning violent and prevent his supporters from attacking the capital. So yes, he does bear some responsibility to what happened in that he helped create the atmosphere in which the protest occurred. And his legacy is permanently scared by this. And if he is impeached yet again…well, much of history will not be kind to him.

  • Do you think Trump should be impeached like Pelosi is talking about or removed from office through the 25th Amendment?

Absolutely not!!!  While Trump’s action(s), or lack thereof, was not becoming to a President I don’t believe they rise to the level of achieving an impeachment vote in the House, nor conviction in the Senate. And, while I think Trump is struggling right now I still think he is capable of serving as President for the next few days.

And realistically speaking…it would be nothing more than a political stunt by Congress, led by the Dems to destroy him as much as possible. Trump has what…11 days to go. Let him alone and pray for peace, clam, and adult heads to prevail during this time.

  • How did you know all these things would happen?

A lot of studying of current events…and the people involved. And most of the stuff that I talked about was discussed openly among the perpetrators themselves. I work at trying to see the big(ger) picture, the larger trends, etc.

I work very hard at using logic, evidence, proof, truth, and reality when considering what might or might not happen and when. I also try to let that still small voice whisper to me…the Spirit.

I try with all my might to avoid the weird stuff, the “politics” of any given issue or person. I look at the principles and avoid unfounded and unprovable information. Yes, that means I give ZERO value to dreams, visions, etc. unless they come from the scriptures or a man of God who has authority for such things.

I avoid buying into any political or societal trend or theory of thought. I avoid public relations information, especially from government agencies. I use multiple sources of information to verify and validate what I am using in my articles. I always avoid the government agency propaganda regarding their personnel, their agency operations, etc.

I apply Occam’s Razor theory to everything as I consider and internally debate issues. Occam’s Razor simply implies (and been proven over time) that between two opposing theories, the simpler is usually correct.

I also look at everything from the government, all politicians, corporations, and most people in light of “power & money”. Meaning who or what gains power and money from any given situation…and why. That helps me see “motivation”…and I consider the lust for power and money one of the greatest evils that mankind can acquire.

And two final thoughts…trends and history. If a group or person shows a trend in behavior, that behavior will probably continue. As for history…it repeats itself…that is self-evident.

I hope that helps you understand my thought, debate, introspection, and writing processes. And of course…I hope that isn’t too scary.

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FAQ – 1/8/2021 (Why?)

  • There are the crazies saying this is a “false flag” created by the left to discredit the patriot movement and there were no Trump supporters involved. I dismiss them 100% because it doesn’t make sense. But you never said why the Trump supporters did what they did. So why did they do it?

Well, your question is valid…I didn’t explain the “why” yesterday. Now, in my defense I did explain most of it back on 12/1/2020 in my article “Personal Message this Evening…”. In that article I spoke about “hopelessness”. When people become hopeless they usually act desperate. Most of the time is results in self-destructive behavior…some call it “acting out”. All too often is manifests itself in suicide. 

What we saw when the Trump supporters overran the Capital Building was desperation…acting out…a sure sign of hopelessness. I spoke about desperation back on 4/6/2020 in a SitRep. I’ve pleaded with people to avoid “desperation” to not engage in desperate acts. The most recent plea was to avoid militias, protests, and the like. Why?

Because I saw this coming…I even issued Immediate Action Warnings regarding this violence…I knew it would happen. Why? Because people have become desperate. Why are they desperate? Because they have become, or are becoming, hopeless. Why are so many people becoming hopeless? Ah, there is the source of it all.

People have become hopeless because people easily and plainly see things such as:

    1. A two-tier justice system. Politicians and the elites are treated one way…usually getting away with anything and everything. While the average person gets thrown in jail, sent to prison, or shot dead.
    2. We see virtually every aspect of government working AGAINST the average person is significant ways.
    3. We see the FBI, DHS, ATF all going after the most patriotic and dedicated Americans…calling them domestic terrorists. While the real domestic terrorists are idolized by some politicians and the media.
    4. We see the IRS destroy life after life after life. When their sole job is to take our hard-earned money.
    5. We see politicians absolutely ignore…or persecute…the other side of the political spectrum…regardless of which side is doing it at the time.
    6. We see politicians act almost exclusively for their own good (power and money) and not in the best interests of the country.
    7. And…we are being alienated from each other in so many ways they can’t all be listed.

Add all of this up and you have more and more people becoming hopeless…then desperate…then they act out. Why? What else can they do? What are the alternatives? If a person has no power to correct things, to make things better, to correct injustices…or even have those in power listen…then what else can they do?

Our system of government, at every level, has become corrupted…untrustworthy…as seen by BOTH sides. So now what options do people have? We try to change things, we try to fix things…and we see the system corrupt even that…and turn it against us…what options do we have?

Tuesday (1/6) is the result. I told you the violence and Bubba Effect was coming. I saw why. I saw the players involved. It was obvious to me. And just as it was obvious that it would happen…I am telling you it will probably get worse…much worse.

You don’t challenge the power of government, the power of the elites, with impunity. They will strike back…and they will strike back hard…over and over again. And the collateral damage will be the worse.

Remember, it was the ATF who wantonly attacked the Branch Davidian families with a full-on military assault. When that failed, it was the FBI that attacked those families with military armored vehicles and burned 78 men, women, and children to death. Do you think for a single minute that the federal government will allow 1/6 to go unanswered? Unanswered with brutal lethal force? Do you think the US ruling elites (federal law enforcement & politicians; Congressional and Presidential) will allow 1/6 to go unchallenged?

Brace yourselves…prepare…they are coming. But “they” are only prong of the attack. It will be more, many more.

note #1: In your question you used the word “crazies” when referring to those who are rejecting the reality that is was Trump supporters who attacked the Capital regardless of ALL the evidence that is was Trump supporters. I want to apologize if I contributed to you using that word. Those folks who are avid Trump supporters and won’t accept the reality of the situation are not “crazy”. They are obviously struggling with truth, facts, evidence, and the actual reality of the situation but it comes from their desire to protect their beliefs and their idol. We must see it for what it is, but not alienate them. They are already alienated by the system at every level, they need to not see us as just another alienation.

note #2: Yes there is an answer to the “hopelessness” and for me it is clear. For me it is obvious how you overcome all the negatives that the government, the political system, the media, and corporations are shoving down our throats…Christ. And to a slightly lesser degree…supporting each other.

To read more FAQs on the situation <click here>

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Feedback & Comments: 1/7/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsFeedback & Comments from the SitRep this morning

From Jim –

No kidding on all of the above.

I’m not as convinced that the assault on a capital doorway was as free of provocateurs (antifa or whomever) as you seem to be. I would estimate that Antifa isn’t dumb itself; in fact, they can be pretty darn intelligent in their planning and execution. So, I would guesstimate that there are at least a few antifa agents/provocateurs that have been embedded in the “patriotic movement” (which is a very, very broad category that captures many different groups and philosophies).

However, it is pretty useless to argue that point unless/until somebody actually “outs” one or more of the key people in this little group as being antifa-in-mufti.

A lot of the media’s and Dem’s histrionics are, of course, pure alligator tears.
ANTIFA (and/or BLM, Black Block or dozens of other Leftist groups) tried to burn down MULTIPLE buildings with DOZENS OF PEOPLE IN THEM. Actually set them on fire, in several cases. That included police stations, apartment buildings, businesses and all manner of other buildings.

MANY DOZENS of people have died as the result of BLM and antifa, et al, including the police officers murdered in cold blood. But, a number of other folks were also killed…and don’t forget, Kyle Rittenhouse would have been one of those murdered, had he not had the means to defend himself.

But, the press doesn’t care about “perspective” when it comes to accusations against conservatives.

But, here’s the deal: BESIDES preparing, we need to be ENGAGING our elected politicians to buck them up against the expected legislative onslaught. We can’t just sit and watch.

We also need to be working on the next elections, already. In this particular case, remember that the GOP did quite well in the House and at State level and below. WE NEED TO USE THOSE MAJORITIES TO PASS FAR MORE STRINGENT VOTER FRAUD LEGISLATION. Otherwise, in 2024 we’ll still be gnashing our teeth at all of the ballots sent out willy-nilly to whomever it might concern, voters without ID cards, crazy one-sided voting period extensions, etc., etc.

Preparing is good and necessary. Preparing WELL is strongly advised.

But, we don’t get to just divorce ourselves from the ongoing political process. Too many Germans (including many German Jews) started doing that in the early 1930s, and that really didn’t turn out well. Better to fight politically, early, than allow a kinetic solution to devolve as the only solution.



  • Remember, I didn’t say it was “free” of those folks you mentioned…I just said that the number was limited based on my guesstimate. And there is no evidence of any widespread or large numbers of AntiFa, etc. at this time. I am holding fire on that point until we see some actual “outing” (to use your very appropriate words).
  • You are spot on about how many died and what was destroyed at the hands of AntiFa and company. That is another reason why I think that yesterday was not an AntiFa operation. 
  • And FYI/FWIW…I think Rittenhouse is an idiot and went there looking for trouble…and he found it. Did he defend himself? Yes, he did, and it was his right to do so. Remember, he put himself into the situation to begin with. And why was an unsupervised minor there to begin with?
  • I think you have some wise advice. And I would like to build on a couple of your thoughts. Don’t engage in the current political process with current politicians. Find those that match your principles and help get them elected and then help them change the political process for the better. And if we have to “buck up” current politicians to work against coming legislation…then we need to work even harder to get better folks elected. Don’t worry about majorities…that is simply politics as usual…and that got us where we are today. Think about instilling principles in the folks who represent us.
  • And yes, “fight”!  But, fight the right fight, at the right time, with the right people, in the right way, for the right reasons. And until you know what your foundational principles are, and that they are moral and ethical, a person would have no idea of the “right” when it comes to the fight.

From Barry –

I would hope that the majority of the protesters were just patriots. I had “a bad feeling about this” before it took place and worried that “it was a trap”. I found it interesting that the National Guard was not called out beforehand and that there wasn’t enough security to protect the Capital. How convenient. Of course it was stupid of Trump to invite them there in the first place. Or maybe that was also part of the plan.

Simple…I agree.

From Glenda –

I think it was Trump supporters caught up in the opportunist moment that crossed the barriers in yesterdays Capitol melee. If it had been infiltrated by Antifa, there would have been bricks thrown and fires started. And the police would have been attacked more violently than what I saw…

Simple, again…I agree.

From Lisa –

I do like it when you speak plainly. I cannot imagine what is happening so I like it when others imagine for me. There is nothing I can do but I want to know what is coming so I am not a chicken molting. Thank you.

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FAQ – 1/7/2021

  • I so appreciate this article. On another site that we both frequent, I did my best to express that those involved really were Trump supporters. Some would not believe it…that conservative people could get sooo fired up that they would bad things. The one thing I did not think of, as you so masterfully pointed out in this article, is that the Left now have all the ammo they need to carry out their Socialistic agenda. My heart is sick for all that has happened and now I see how very quickly things can ‘go south….and probably will. Thanks for your insight and courage to speak the hard truth. This was probably the best article I have seen you write. Don’t hold back anymore. Speak your truth friend.

There is a question in there that isn’t readily noticeable…but I will bring it out. “Why won’t some people believe it was actually Trump supporters would stormed the capital?”

Because they put politics over principles. Alternatively they simply can’t see plain truth as put forward by the evidence. First, when you buy into an ideology and idolize a person to a certain degree you lose the ability to see any truth/evidence that contradicts that given point of view/opinion. It is a form of Stockholm Syndrome to be honest. The “victim” loses their ability to think, respond, and act rationally. Also, people want to have a strong leader, whether with right or wrong ideology, because they want to be part of something greater/larger than themselves. Developing strong ethical principles takes effort, time, and integrity. Keeping those principles intact in the face of adversity and/or opposition is tough, damn tough. Some people don’t have the fortitude to develop or maintain those kinds of principles. Hence it easier for them to find a idol figure and then just follow them…right or wrong…sometimes to hell.

As for the site you mentioned, I am not surprised. It is a very strange website in many ways. There is some good preparedness information there. But for me it lost all credibility in most areas for a number of reasons. First and foremost was when anyone would express an idea or opinion outside of the website’s party line they were immediately set upon…sometimes very viciously. The conduct of many, including some site leadership, became very un-Christ-like. The final straw came when the website tried to defend child killers. The evidence was overwhelming that a certain person, possibly with help, killed two children. The website owner, and may others, including other website leadership defended the accused. And when anyone would start talking about truth and evidence…well, those folks were savaged…sometimes in a most un-Christ-like way. Then it turned out that one or more involved in the child killings had a business relationship with the website owner. And there is a long list of other reasons, but those are the two that broke the camel’s back for me.

  • What is coming?

Seriously!?! OK, sorry. You have to go back and read my articles dating back 4 years. If you concentrate on the SitReps you will get a pretty good idea of what I see coming. Add to that the Immediate Action Warnings and you get a pretty solid idea. What is coming in regards to you an your life…well, I have no idea on the specifics. But generally speaking you can get idea by reading the articles I mentioned.

  • Was Trump inviting his supporters there a trap?

No, I don’t see that as true. Trump is an ego maniac, at the minimum, but I don’t see him wanting to lure his followers into a trap like that. I think Trump wants to go out with a flourish, define a place in the history books, and lay the groundwork for what comes next in his narcissistic life. I don’t see it as a trap in any respect. It is a peaceful demonstration of his supporters that came to express their opposition to the fraudulent election process. Then, as usually occurs, the mob mentality began…and they fed off each other. Mob mentality is a well-documented phenomena, and we saw it yesterday…it was inevitable. And I mentioned, I believe there were agent provocateurs in the crowd. The role they played is still unknown at this time.

This why I warned over and over and over not to participate in these events. Now you see why.

  • Was this a “false flag” event?

No. This was an organic movement (called for by Trump) that got out of hand. It was not a false flag event. If it were, that would make Trump evil as evil could be. Why? It was Trump that called for the event’s organization. Albeit, it was not Trump who called for the storming of the Capital Building but only for the protest. And just as assuredly I am sure Trump had an idea that it could/would get out of hand…and thus highlight even more his place in history.

  • Was this AntiFa, BLM, etc. acting as Trump supporters to deceive and destroy the “right”?

There is ZERO credible evidence at this time to indicate that this is true. Actually just the opposite. ALL credible evidence at this time points that these were in-fact Trump supporters. Trump called them that, Trump family members called them that, and the people in the crowd self-identified as Trump supporters. There is LOTS of video and still images of the people who stormed the building. If there were any leftists in the mix they will be found out.

Also, as a side note…I watched the body language of the majority of those storming of and inside the Capital Building. They reminded me of very confident/secure folks. They carried themselves as Vets, law enforcement, etc. They didn’t mimic the body language of the AntiFa and BLM folks this summer who did the rioting. The exception would be the Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC) black nationalist militia members, they carried themselves with confidence for the most part. But I didn’t see their presence yesterday at all.


To read the FAQ on “Why” this happened <click here>

To read more FAQs on the situation <click here>

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FAQ – 9/18/2020 (deception warning)

  • Where do you find trusted sources?

I don’t. I read a lot of news articles, some opinion pieces, and listen/watch news casts. While doing so I look for two things; 1) quoted facts that stand out, 2) trends.

When I find a fact that stands out I look into that “fact” from as many sources as possible. I verify that it is, or is not, a fact; and then, if it is a fact, I see if it fits into a thing that has my attention. I call those the “dots” that I try to connect. If I see news, opinion, and such that appear to be a trend I look into the background of the basis of which they are speaking. And if it appears to be a valid trend, then I try to extrapolate where it ends up. And once that is done I see if it is of concern or not.

Maybe to get to the crux of your question…I don’t have a single trusted source. I do place a lot of confidence in “facts” that Glenn Beck exposes. His staff’s research is beyond good! When he says it is a fact…he has the documentation to back it up. Even then…I trust but verify.

  • With the peace and economic deals recently, I am just curious what your thoughts are.

It is all fluff. When in the last 120 years has a “peace deal” resulted in a lasting peace? If you are speaking to the recent Muslim/Jewish peace deal…seriously, do you think there will ever be peace between those two groups? If you are talking about recent economic deal…when has any economic deal positively affected you personally? Or when has any one of those deals made a positive difference in any of the sliding economic trend curves?

To be clear…all of these “deals” are photo ops, opportunities for opposing parties to regroup, fluff, static, nonsense, of no lasting value. How’s that?


Ask me a question …


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FAQ – 3/14/2020 (EMP & Radios)

  • How do you “test” your EMP protection for effectiveness? I have seen other people place a cell phone inside their faraday cage and try calling the phone. With the cellular signal disrupted they claim this as evidence that it would also stop an EMP. While I’m not an expert, I don’t feel the power coming from a cell tower is anywhere close to the kind of electromagnetic signal that would be produced from even a small man-made source or from a solar flare. Do you or the person you consulted regarding this project have any other method?
    What thoughts do you have (if any) regarding steel mesh/screen? I have seen military installations (Co Springs) that line the inside of some rooms. I have also seen products like laptop cases and rucksacks with a copper or steel mesh inner lining impregnated inside a synthetic material so objects couldn’t accidentally touch the metal.

As stated in the article I test it with an FM radio. My test suggestion appears in Part #1. Testing with a cell phone is an option. But, cell phones operate on a far different frequency than an FM radio. It is all about “frequency”…so try it with a cell phone and an FM radio.

  • Thanks for the instruction but my question is – I use the radio at least once or twice a week so I can’t wrap it up and put it away, just in case. And it’s unlikely that we’ll get an announcement in time enough to wrap the radio and other gadgets, so what do I do?

Don’t worry about your “daily radio”…buy a couple extra small handhelds, maybe a used mobile, and prepare those units for an EMP. The Baofeng radios are very inexpensive and used mobile radios can he had cheap as well. Look at it as “insurance”…like food storage. Another thought…I have storage cases for my radios, I will also use them for any serious move I make. They are SKB i-series cases; similar to Pelican cases. You could store them in those cases which are easy to access. Then store those boxes in a Job Box (or something similar) that you feel has a really good contact seal to it.

  • Is there a “mil spec” that covers some of this?



Ask me a question …

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FAQ – 4/17/2020 (COVID-19)

  • In your last SitRep you mentioned potential for violence and protests, are they really that widespread and how likely is the violence?



Protests have taken place within the last week:

      • Lansing, Michigan
      • Frankfort, Kentucky
      • Raleigh, North Carolina
      • Columbus, Ohio
      • Albany, New York
      • Bremerton, Washington

Protests are planned this week for:

      • California
      • Idaho
      • Oregon
      • Texas

And those are only the ones I know about. And that is a lot of protesting in the last week…with more planned. With each protest there is an increase in frustration and stress. Eventually that will end up in violence. Either some wingnut will use a protest to go violent to stir the next revolution, a cop will lose it and beat on a protestor, or some fringe element will infiltrate the protest and spark violence simply because that is what they believe in. But, you don’t get that many people in that many areas all protesting the same issue -overreach of government authority- without it almost certainly getting violent.

  • In your SitRep – 4/6/2020you talked about rising unemployment, are people going back to work now or is unemployment getting worse?

In the last 4 weeks 22,000,000 people filed for unemployment. In Michigan…over 1/4 of the state’s workforce is recently unemployed…and their unemployment benefit system broke down. In AZ they raised unemployment benefit by $200 per week. Many people can now make more money unemployed than employed. You do the math on that one.

  • You’ve done Hoax Alerts and written about COVID-19 death rates being fake, what is going on now, better data or worse fakes?

An article came out just this morning, it states:

  1. “Epidemiologists have estimated there are 5 to 10 people with undetected infections for every confirmed case.” That means mortality rates are 1/5th to 1/10th as bad as current published numbers. In other word…today’s reported numbers are 671,000 cases and 33,000 deaths. That would indicate a 4.9% mortality rate. However, most epidemiologists are saying that 5 – 10 people actually have COVID-19 for every reported/confirmed case. So that would mean that the number of cases is actually 3.4million – 6.7million. Using the same death rate would put the mortality rate at .9 %(point 9%) – .5% (point 5%). That would be substantially lower than the mortality rate being promoted now by those who are ignorant.
  2. “We know how many people are dying, but we don’t know how many people are infected.” That means there is not enough testing to confirm who actually has COVID-19 or not. A lot of the testing is postmortem not actually people reporting symptoms. Many people have COVID-19 and show no symptoms. And there are health officials simply stating a person has COVID-19 when they have not been tested.
  3. “New York City increased its death count by more than 3,700 on Tuesday, after officials said they were now including people who had never tested positive for the virus but were presumed to have died of it.” That means exactly what it says…NYC is just one example…that death certificates are now showing COVID-19 as cause of death even if they were never tested for COVID-19. If someone simply thinks the victim had COVID-19 that is now listed as the cause of death.

So we know for a fact that the numbers -ALL numbers- associated with COVID-19 are fake, false, hoaxes…whatever you want to call it…they are NOT accurate. And that is stone cold FACT!

And honestly I don’t think we will ever know the actual truth when it comes to accurate numbers. All the numbers will be estimates or based on models.


Ask me a question …


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FAQ – 4/13/2020

  • Why do you keep reprinting articles from 3 – 5 years ago?

Well, it is more like I am republishing those articles. And the reason is, because you are a new website user, is the crash that rook place a while back. All my articles were deleted from the website. For over a year now I have been resurrecting articles from a variety of sources. I review them for accuracy, content, grammer, etc. I then republish them in the correct “category”. So I am rebuilding the website over time…while I have been building my retirement house.

  • Why don’t you publish new content articles? And why is your contents page so out of date?

First off…the Table of Contents is only about 2 weeks out of date. I only update it so often because it is time consuming and I would rather bring back old content that was crashed or create new content. So, every few weeks I go back and update the TOC. But don’t fret!!!!  You can always use the menu on the left side of each screen to narrow down the articles to categories.

New content…come on…give me a break! I have been producing new content…check the “COVID-19” category on the left. and yes, there has been other new content as well such as FAQs and more is coming…just please be patient. I still have to make my wife happy with finishing the new house I am building. Yes, I am building it myself…not having it built. And that my friend, takes some time. I will get back after it within a few weeks. And yes, that includes more of my latest book 🙂

  • Do you do book tours anymore? Or speak to groups and what does it cost?

No. I started feeling kind of sleazy do the book tour thing so I stopped. Yes, I still speak to groups as requested, as time permits. It doesn’t cost anything for me to come speak. I do ask that the group cover my travel expenses.

  • A buddy of mine said you did some prepper consulting work for him. Do you still do that and what is your rate?

Yes, I do a fair amount of consulting as time permits. Some over the phone, some via email, some in-person. I don’t “charge” anything, so I have no “rate”. What I do ask folks…if they have the means to pay for it, and feel there is value in my consulting then pay me whatever they feel is fair, or what the value of my advice is to them. If they don’t pay…oh well. If they pay me a $1…oh well. If they pay me $1,000…well, my wife smiles a whole lot 🙂

Seriously, if you want my opinion, advice, or consulting services then just ask for it. If you can pay me something that would be nice. If you can’t afford it…well, ask me anyways…I am grateful for the opportunity to help any way I can.

  • When are you going to publish another book?

I am no longer in the book publishing business. I still write as time permits but the books are, and will be free. I post the books online and you can read them as you wish. I am still converting my first two books to that format so please be patient.

  • Are you going to write about building your retirement home – BugOut retreat?

Yes. But, that is still probably not going to happen before summer. And yes, I believe there will be a summer 🙂


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FAQ – 4/13/2020 (COVID-19)

  • How long do you think the COVID-19 crisis panic will last? In other words, how long till we get back to normal as a country?

That is a tough question…and a really good one. First off I don’t know for sure. Outbreaks like this, and for sure the worst ones, tend to run in cycles. They break out in season #1, mutate a few times, then go away, or recede, during the summer months when the sun’s UV light kills the virus on many surfaces. Then it comes back starting early in the following season, normally September or October. In the case of the Spanish Flu of 1918…it was the real killer when it came back the following season.

Granted, there is little comparison of 2020 medical and technology expertise of that in 1918, but we have the disadvantage of easy and fast travel capability. Meaning it could spread extremely quickly if it comes back. There is no consensus among medical/health experts if it will come back or not.

What I find particularly telling is Neel Kashkari, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis stated yesterday that we should be prepared for America to be financially and economically locked down for the next 18 months. Should that be the case based on how it is trending now…America is done.

I think President Trump will do everything in his power to get our economy running again as soon as practical. If he can’t, won’t or is thwarted…we are in big trouble…and sooner rather than later.

  • You talked about “buying the dip” a while back, do you still recommend that?

I don’t “recommend” anything, I am not a professional advisor, etc. I have in the past spoken about what I am doing, or have done. Right now I am in a holding pattern waiting on a trend to appear. Since February I made 4 purchases with my “buy the dip” concept. My average mutual fund share price is down 2% on those buys. But the trend line is nicely upward right now. My lowest share purchase price is up over 10%…so I am satisfied with what I did. Ask me again in a year…that will be the best measure.

  • At the beginning of all this COVID-19 thing you seemed to be downplaying the seriousness. How do you feel now?

I didn’t see it as bad as a normal flu season, I was more worried about the hysteria, hype, and fear being promoted by unscrupulous people. I still hold that same position. And here is why:

  1. The number of COVID-19 deaths is extremely skewed. As the government representative stated last week, anyone who dies and has any indication of the presence of COVID-19 is counted as cause of death = COVID-19…whether they died from COVID-19 or not. So a person can die from Stage 4 Cancer of the liver and if they tested positive even postmortem) they are listed under the COVID-19 death numbers. That isn’t just unscientific, it’s blatantly dishonest.
  2. Some people who express symptoms of COVID-19 and die are classified as COVID-19 deaths…many of which are never actually tested. And non-hospitalized COVID-19 symptoms are nearly identical to the regular flu.
  3. Current estimates indicate that 90% of all COVID-19 deaths show clearly that there are serious underlying health conditions. No consistent or credible nationwide effort is being made to determine if the underlying condition killed the patient or COVID-19 did.
  4. The mortality rate is WAY off!!!  Mortality rate is calculated based on number of deaths per total cases. At the current numbers we are showing about a 4% mortality rate. Somewhere about 10 times what the normal flu would be. Why? Because virtually all the normally healthy people (no underlying health conditions) who contract COVID-19 rarely even show symptoms, let alone get tested. So the number of people who actually contracted COVID-19 could easily be 10 – 20 times what the published numbers suggest. So we could be looking at a true mortality rate of  .2 – .4% mortality rate, possibly lower. That would be consistent with a normal flu season.

I could go on but you either understand me now or not. And that depends on whether you believed me at the onset or not. Do your own research on this…it is enlightening to say the least.



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FAQ – 3/28/2020 (COVID-19)

  • On another website I frequent I noticed a thread that talked about people who were virus deniers. They all but mentioned you by name. And they referred to virus deniers as suffering from Normalcy Bias. Was that you they were talking about and do you suffer from Normalcy Bias?

Well, well…I see three issues here:

  1. Am I the person they are talking about?
  2. Am I a “virus denier” and suffer from “Normalcy Bias”?
  3. Are you just trying to stir up trouble/contention?

So, last question first…I don’t think you are doing so intentionally, probably not at all. I hope I am right about that because I don’t want to be involved in any contention…we have enough of that right now.

Am I the person they are talking about…No idea whatsoever!  I am trying to focus my attention on my website and creating original content that will help folks deal with the COVID-19 panic and virus.

Am I a “virus denier” and suffer from “Normalcy Bias”…the first part is easy…no. I’ve written about the virus extensively, provided lots of facts and stats, and even wrote what I am personally doing to boost my immune system.  Now…about the “Normalcy Bias” thing…a little more complicated and much more perspective is needed to understand the bigger picture.

Newton’s third law of physics is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. 

A common person like myself understands that this law of physics applies more simply to everyday life…there is opposition in all things. There is good and evil, hot and cold, love and hate, intelligence and stupidity, etc.

I believe I know the website you are talking about…and I am not real popular with the leadership, the owner, many of the more vocal members of that website. And honestly…I understand why. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they are right. I am surprised in their close mindedness, and disappointed in how they treated me, and others, who wouldn’t fall in line and toe the party line…meaning join their mob mentality and spread hoaxes and adding to the hysteria, hype, fear, and panic that they enjoy so much.

But, let’s go back to the Third Law. Normalcy Bias means refusal of your brain to accept that something has happened, will happen, or to what extent something has happened. It doesn’t mean a person is stupid or ignorant, or unable to think logically. It simply means your brain blocks out information that is out of the norm. It is a protection device your brain uses to prevent a you from freaking out or freezing…or going crazy. Unfortunately, it can also block out information that is significantly important to help you make an informed decision…as in to save your life. So, Normalcy Bias is a bad thing for a prepper…and for most people in general.

Now, applying the Third Law, what would be the opposite to Normalcy Bias?

Competency Bias is simply thinking you are better at something than you really are; or, you think you are better at something than others.

Competency Bias is basically thinking you are better or smarter than you really are. When held up next to Normalcy Bias…they are opposites. The Third Law of physics it true! Normalcy Bias is the absence of information in your brain because your brain blocked it and Competency Bias is the absence of accurate or real information in your brain because your brain blocked it or refused to accept it. See, opposites!

Now, how does this apply to me suffering from Normalcy Bias? Well, to me it is obvious…to others maybe not so much. Let me explain…

I have repeatedly written about COVID-19 and associated provable facts.

I have repeatedly written about the hype, panic, fear, and hysteria associated with COVID-19 and how it is generated by a long series of hoaxes and inaccurate information.

The mere fact I wrote about how I am boosting my immune system to deal with COVID-19 shows I know that there is a serious aspect to it.

So no, I am not suffering from Normalcy Bias because I see its actual, fact-based seriousness. But, to infer that I suffer from Normalcy Bias because I am not accepting and regurgitating the crap/fake information that is going around is pure stupidity.

Now…about the people who you say think I am suffering from Normalcy Bias…what do they embrace? Do they believe that COVID-19 is more deadly than the regular flu season…or host of other hoaxes? Or more simply put…do they think they are smarter than I am…and many others? Sounds like it. And if they are falling for all the hoaxes floating around I would suggest that they are suffering from Competency Bias. They think they are smarter than experienced, knowledgeable, trained experts. They think that facts and evidence don’t apply to them or this situation. Hence, Competency Bias.

The best test of a person suffering from Competency Bias is simple…do they think COVID-19 is more deadly than the regular flu?  For that conclusive and factual answer (click here)

I hope I answered your question…and I hope you weren’t trying to stir the pot.

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